Social Websites Marketing Strategy (Twitter vs. Facebook)

Twitter and Facebook are one of the leading social networking websites in today’s world. People are joining in for the different purposes, to connect with the friends and the world, to promote their ideas and business, all this can be possible due to these social networking sites. When talking about these sites, it would not be wrong to say that Facebook cannot twitter and vice versa.

Specifically when we talk about the marketer, they want their product to get into the public and have a competition in the market they prefer most easiest way to approach them. These social sites provide a platform for them. Twitter and Facebook are the two most commonly used among them. Twitter profiles and Facebook pages are helping a lot in the expansion of the market. Promoting online facilities helped marketers very much.

Twitter and Facebook are more alike providing a platform and interaction space but they have some major dissimilarity, which makes them compete in the world market. The policy is designed according to the networking site and the audience so it needs to be personalized accordingly. The similarities these two sites shares are profile pages, status updates, tagging, different usernames etc.  Thought these sites use same features, but the way they are implemented and used is very different. Like the size, i.e. the number of users registered monthly. According to the research done, Facebook in last year July got 750 million active users while twitter on recent have some nearly 250 million users. This number shows the total not every profile is active on Twitter and the estimates decreases due to this.

The other thing these two sites compete on is the post frequency, the users of Facebook usually see the post they get on their Newsfeed. The news feed is designed to show the most important or recent post on the site and the pages you liked or subscribed to. The major goal that the marketers want to achieve on Facebook is to gain maximum likes and shares. This sharing and visibility of the pages helps engaging the audience.

The other major difference is the word limit for the post. Twitter only allowing your 140 characters to write with which can be limiting when you are planning to grab the attention of the public to something while Facebook allows you 420 which is somewhat acceptable. Twitter profiles are much frequent then Facebook. They follow a sequential order. The twitter works with the followers. It is as the followers can see the tweet in a specific time frame on which the tweet is updated. The twitter works with the strategy of marketing the as much solid content as possible in order to catch followers. The retweets also helps the marketers to get the people involved in the network.

Facebook is found to be more focused on the demand the progress so far. They are more focused on the real world connections. They are adding on many features, which are very helpful for public interactions. While when we talk about twitter it is settled as a broadcast stream that have a somewhat informal role in the market.

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