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There was a time when Google’s social site Orkut was very popular. It is human nature to look for better options. After passage of sometime its popularity decreased. Facebook took most of the traffic from other social media sites eventually. People are using social media sites for many purposes.

Why people are using these sites.

Most of the people are using these sites to connect with each other and read up to date information on various pages. There are many people which are trying to get attention of general public for the advertisement of their product. Their purpose is increasing the Traffic on their websites and to be ranked on by Google.

Benefits of using social media sites

You can always whistle an idea to create awareness amongst others. It is also helpful in a way that you discuss social fabrication at a relatively large scale. You can also get different opinion on one topic or about yourself and your thoughts by interacting with people.

Most of the celebrities are having their own accounts on Twitter and Face book which is a successful way to keep the fans interested and satisfied. Daily tweets and pictures can be found of any celebrity’s page. Politicians are using it as a way to spread their word and ambitions. Some of them have been very successful in gaining the interest of youth.

Identity Theft Issue

The use of Social media sites has increased very fast in previous years. As the usage has increased, it also increased privacy issues. Social sites like Facebook have given their users Privacy options but it doesn’t cover all the aspects. The Identity theft on face book is a very serious and hot issue nowadays. There are many people which have been the victim of Identity theft.  The authorities have not taken any serious action on that issue yet.

The issue of usage of personal data by someone with another name is increasing. It’s possible that you might see your personal picture and detail under a new name.

Solution of the problem

The problem of Identity theft is very difficult to overcome. Most of the times hackers use your information to create new fake accounts. You can avoid this by setting strict privacy setting for Public. If you have restricted your info then the info seen by public is can’t be used negatively. Your info is sometimes used by the people you know. It seems ridiculous but the habit is adding people you don’t know to your account is not a good one. Identity thieves are in your friend list and have access to your pictures and information. Adding unknown people should be avoided, but if you just want your friend list to be huge the best option is to select custom settings for friends and family.

Future of Facebook

Some times a question comes in mind that “what will be the future of this famous social site?” Some analysts are predicting about the future of Facebook in a very interesting way. The results of their research show that Facebook will be facing the problem of millions of accounts with dead owners after some decades. Other than that the usage and popularity of Facebook is not showing any sign of decrease in future years.

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