Social Media Aggregator- Reasons to Choose One

You must be aware of the term ‘Content Aggregation’?

Over the years, professionals in the marketing world have been talking about the importance of creating different types of content.

And the diverse social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more have made content aggregation easier for brands in so many ways.

In this process, selecting a great social media aggregator tool is of utmost importance.

To help you understand more about social media aggregator tools, we have curated this blog.

So, let’s dive in!

Social Media Aggregator Tools- What is it?

A tool that aggregates social content or UGC from diverse sources via hashtags, mentions, handles, etc. and integrates it with various platforms such as website, signages, and much more.

Social media is overloaded with overwhelming information in the form of user-generated content (UGC) & branded content. But UGC in the form of images, videos, testimonials, reviews, and more when leveraged by a brand can do wonders to their business.

Brands all across the globe are relying on social media platforms to promote and sell their products or services by creating a reliable social media marketing strategy.

And to help them gain all the marketing benefits at ease, Social Media Aggregator Tools comes in.

In the past few years, these tools have helped thousands of brands to streamline their social media updates and postings through one source i.e. a website.

Fortunately, social media aggregation tools can help you gain the trust & loyalty of customers, boost engagement, increase conversions & sales, and more. But most importantly these tools let you see what you missed overnight.

Reasons to Choose a Social Media Aggregator Tool

1. Boost Audience Engagement

Engagement is one of the major concerns of brands and an ideal social media aggregator tool helps brands to be in sync with their potential customers by showing real-time UGC on the website.

Also, it allows brands to build healthy relationships with customers in one of the most convenient ways.

Once you showcase engaging & attractive content, your customers will be encouraged more to be a part of your brand’s awesome journey.

2. Build Trust with User-Generated Content

Considered to be the hub for users generated content, social media platforms have encouraged more than 50% of customers to trust UGC as compared to branded content.

And as already mentioned above, social media aggregators help in collecting user-generated content from multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

This type of content is said to be the most authentic & trustworthy form of content as it is created & published by unpaid contributors only.

Hence, when customers see user-generated content on your website, it becomes easier for them to trust your products or services.

3. Develops a Sense of Social Proof

Display feeds created by happy & satisfied customers on your website using a social media mention aggregator creates social proof & encourages potential customers to buy more from you.

Hence don’t take social proof for granted as it can help your brand reach heights & get next-level success.

4. Enhance Brand Awareness & Social Reach

Every brand aims to boost its social reach and awareness amongst the customers.

With the help of the social media aggregator tool, you can build an influence by displaying user-generated content across different marketing channels like websites, events, signages & more.

Take this opportunity to showcase your engaging and interesting social content to grow reach, enhance brand awareness, build more following,  and a strong social community.

5. Saves Time and Cost-Efficient

Marketing your brand can be quite time consuming and can also demand a huge investment. But with the introduction of social media aggregators, the task of marketers have got easier with these tools.

They provide them with an outstanding solution to generate maximum benefits with minimum investments.

In addition to this, brands don’t have to invest time in multiple activities like creating engaging content, data analyzing & demonstrating information separately.

In short, one of the reasons why social media aggregator tools are leveraged by brands of all sizes is that they save a lot of time and money.

6. Keep an Eye on Latest Marketing Trends

Lastly, social media aggregator tools help brands keep up with the ever-changing marketing trends and also let them stay ahead of their competitors.

Therefore, you can figure out how you can make your social media campaign successful using a social media aggregator. So, don’t miss any chance to create a new trend in your marketing strategy.


If you want to build an outstanding digital footprint in your niche, then you have to make the result-driven social media aggregator tool a must-have in your marketing mix.

Having said that, social media aggregator tools can benefit your future social media marketing campaigns with more possibilities for conversions.

Bio: Reina Jones is a freelance digital marketer, and has a keen interest in User-generated content and its related aspects. As UGC is the next market play, curating and using it in a right way is the key to success. Knowledge is important but execution defines how wisely you use the knowledge.

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