Smart Home Security to combat the Advanced Thief

Traditional home security hadn’t changed that much up until aroundten years ago. Previously, homeownersacross the world were securing their front doors and windows with simple slide locks that could only be closed when they were inside the home. In fact, the only large advancements in home security over the last 1,000 years were increasingly complex keys which were harder and harder to pick or replicate.

Home security has become more important in the modern age due to an increasingly consumeristic society – more and more expensive assets are kept within the confines of the home and are often left unmonitored during the day. As a result stealing from homes has never been more profitable in comparison to the risk of getting caught!

Home Security is Evolving Fast!

Advancements in home devices so that they can “talk” to each other have allowed us to connect and protect our homes in a way that the common criminal will never be able to surmount. We have identified three products which will convert your home into a fortress, without the need for barbed wire fences.

  1. Doorbell Cameras:

The doorbell camera is the essential piece of equipment for any smart home security project. The best doorbell cameras have a minimum of 720-pixel high definition camera (with the most advanced ones reaching 1080 pixels). You can converse with visitors to your home in real time and view anyone who approaches and rings your front doorbell. Considering that the Modus Operandi of your average burglar is to ring the doorbell to ensure no one is currently home, the doorbell camera helps defend you by A) allowing you to pretend that you are currently in your abode, B) takes a picture of the potential thief. Our favorite doorbell camera is the Ring Video Doorbell which comes in a wireless doorbell version and a wired doorbell version which includes more advanced features.

  1. Smart Door Locks:

The Smart Door Lock allows you to unlock and lock your front door via a smartphone application. These devices work admirably in conjunction with your doorbell camera; once you answer the doorbell you can then let your trusted friends inside, and for even more advanced options you can allow delivery people to leave your packages just inside the door. The best smart door locks allow integration with other smart home hubs, doorbell cameras, and other security systems. For example, the August Smart Lock will show up with a red LED warning light if a carbon monoxide leak is detected and it connected with your smart smoke detector.

  1. Smart Sensors and Security Camera:

The doorbell camera and the smart door lock are your basic smart home security devices that eventually every home will eventually include. However to ensure your home is protected from every entry point there are many other smart, full security solutions which will all you to ensure the full security of your home. Placing motion sensors and broken glass sensors near your windows and then connecting these sensors to your smartphone will allow you to feel comfortable that your home is fully secure. Motion sensors can additionally trigger your security cameras to start recording or for lights in the area to be turned on to dissuade any nefarious activities occurringclose by.

Use your smart devices with caution

The advent of smart home security devices is not without it risks, and it does open the door to different types of security and privacy issues which were previously not a problem. For every device connected to your smart home network of devices, exists a possible vulnerability to hackers. With this connectivity, electronic thieves could steal important information from your home (i.e. what time you lock and unlock your front door, or ever worse gain control of the lock to unlock it whenever they require). We recommend that you always purchase from a reputable manufacturer who is incentivized to use the most up to date security protocols.

This is a guest post by Joseph Mack from smarthomeSAGE, a blog that analyzes the impact the smart home technology revolution has on home life. Follow the smarthomeSAGE to learn how to save money, energy and avoid those household chores via technology.