Should I Buy The Nokia Lumia 800?

The Nokia Lumia 800 is a very stylish looking phone, but that is about all that people agree on.  Lovers think that this is the device that will get Nokia back in the picture.  Haters think this is the coup de grace that will actually kill Nokia off.  So should you buy it?  Are you a lover or a hater, in other words?  Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this mobile phone, so you are able to make up your own mind.  Naturally, it all depends on what you expect from a mobile phone.

What the Lovers Say

The phone is really first rate in terms of build quality.  It is also a lot of fun to use, because of the Microsoft Windows operating system.  It is perfectly integrated with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.  It also has the Nokia Mix Radio, meaning you can stream music for free.  It has drive navigation software, which means that you no longer have to invest in a TomTom.  You can download the maps permanently, so you don’t have to roam when you are abroad.  The call quality is really good and one thing that does set this phone apart is that it is able to find a connection in areas of poor signal better than other phones.

What the Haters Say

Sure, it has a Nokia Mix Radio, but the quality is not amazing.  Furthermore, most of us have Spotify anyway, through which we can pick a lot more songs.  Another thing they really don’t like is the low amount of apps that are available.  Sure, the Marketplace is growing, but will it ever be as big as the App Store or Google Play?  Probably not.  The screen has quite poor resolution and the camera is actually quite terrible.  A lot of people have been shocked about this, not in the least because it is still a Carl Zeiss lens, which is something that has always taken such fantastic pictures.

The battery lasts as long as you would expect a battery to last, which is about one day on average.

So, are you a lover or a hater?  As stated before, it depends on what you want.  If you are a young person, you will want to have access to the latest apps, so this phone isn’t for you.  If you are a parent, you probably want a device that allows you to take pictures of your kids, in which case this isn’t the phone for you either. However, if you are someone that wants to use a phone for its intended purpose – making and receiving phone calls – then this may just be the phone for you.  Will it be the making or breaking of Nokia?  Probably neither.  It is not good enough to make a huge positive impact and it is not bad enough to really bring them down either.  It simply doesn’t compare to the Samsungs and iPhones or even the HTCs.

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Laura Ginn was unsure about whether or not purchase the Nokia Lumia 800.  However, she had very little to lose, particularly as it was quite a cheap device.  With the power of hindsight, she is very happy that she did and is definitely now one of the Nokia lovers.