Shopping Tips for Cell Phone Spyware



Before purchasing any Cell Phone Spyware, you should first begin with researching the specific features you need to obtain the information you are looking for. Because while the more advanced platforms like Android or iPhone Spy include a wide array of cutting edge tools, less advanced systems will be unable to do much more than track location or provide Call Details.

So unless you have a very specific purpose in mind and thus only require limited functions, you really want to invest in high quality cell phone spyware with advanced surveillance tools, like:

  • Video, Text, IM, and Picture Log:   Smart phones today are like communication “super tools” that can send and receive information across a wide range of mediums, including:  IM’s; Texts; Phone Calls; Videos, etc.  Cutting applications like Nokia or iPhone Spy can capture and record all communications on the smart phone and relay the information directly to your user account for analysis.
  • Web History:  This feature is only available on more advanced versions of cell phone spyware but it’s a great tool to have because it will reveal all the websites someone visits on their smart phone.
  • Real Time Location Tracking:  Do you want to know where a loved one is at any given time?  Then you need to install cell phone spyware that includes both Historical and Real Time Location Tracking.
  • Spy Mode:   Only State-of-the-Art applications like Windows or iPhone Spy include what is known as a Spy Mode.  This feature allows you to activate the microphone on the user’s smart phone and hear conversations and background noise.
  • Reverse Phone Look-Up:  Does your loved one’s smart phone contain several “unknown” or wrong numbers in their call log?  Then install cell phone spyware with a Reverse Phone Look-Up feature that will allow you to see exactly who is calling every time even though caller ID cannot!
  • Call Recording and Contact Details:  If you want to know who your loved one is talking with and what is being said, then you will want to invest in a powerful surveillance system like Nokia or iPhone Spy.  They include cutting edge features like Call Recording in addition to Contact Details that will give you the answers you deserve!
  • Phone Wipe: If you have lost your cell phone or has been stolen (which happens all the time) you need to protect your personal information. By installing Cell Phone Spy with a Phone-Wipe feature, you can remotely erase all personal information stored in your cell phone.

Don’t waste your time installing cheap or outdated cell phone spyware because it won’t have the capabilities necessary to track and monitor all activities.  Instead, only install leading edge applications like Nokia, Android, or iPhone Spy with all of the features listed above.

Jane’s expertise lies within the latest iPhone spyware app, cell phone monitoring software and other technology gadgets that are fast gaining popularity with people. She’s been fiddling with these tools for the past decade and continues to wow her readers with her vast knowledge.