Shenzen Releases a Rain-proof yet Super Sensitive Touch Panel

Electronics aficionados all over the world stress themselves out trying to protect their electronic devices from water or water damage. On the market are countless waterproofing casings, laminations, and devices designed specifically to be “rugged” or able to withstand getting splashed on or taken underwater. However, these protective accessories, casings, or services can be quite expensive, particularly. And many people just can’t spend that much money on top of spending for the device already.

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Shenzen’s Improved and Waterproof Screen

There’s more than one waterproofing gimmick going on in CES 2013—Liquipel’s lamination waterproof while you wait booth is one of them—but one of the truly standout ones is in Shenzen’s booth. The China-based company has revealed that not only have they managed to create a very high-sensitivity type of touchscreen, but they have also managed to make sure that it’s waterproof.

In the demonstration made in the show, the screen can apparently withstand having water poured onto it directly. It’s surprisingly durable, and it was created with a combination of capacitive and resistive technology. This creates a touch-based surface that could be applied on virtually anything flat, including stainless steel. Not only does this mean that the surface doesn’t even have to be Gorilla glass or any other conventional type of surface, but also that the entire device could be rendered waterproof out of other materials that won’t have to work around the touch-sensitivity issue. They would not have to develop a material that would be best capable of handling touch screen technology or need to have a specific makeup to have a touch-sensitive area embedded in. The fact that it is incredibly durable also makes it very applicable to devices designed for rugged use, which means users won’t have to worry about having to be too careful with their devices.

Sensitivity of the technology

According to the demonstration showed in CES, the screen that Shenzen has created has a remarkable sense of touch compared to the touchscreens of even the high end brands at present. The sensitivity of the screen is evident by the amazing response time it has when swiping your finger across of it.

The durability of the screen is another vital key for application for other technologies. The fact that it can be applied onto anything and is incredibly responsive and waterproof at the same time opens doors to integrating touchscreen controls to a variety of home or kitchen appliances.  Imagine having touch-screen controls for the water temperature control in your shower, entertainment centers, and even weighing scales.

What’s more, Shenzen’s new technology is not only hypersensitive, but also pressure-sensitive. There aren’t a whole lot of technologies that could do this commercially right now, much less in the mobile market. This could create all new ways of creating pressure-sensitive mechanisms or functions within smart devices.

What Shenzen has created here is not merely a sensitive, waterproof touchscreen. It might be a whole new way of developing technologies for home appliances and mobile devices.