SEO: The Marketing Strategy of the Future and Today

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important concepts for any company with an online presence to understand. The landscape has rapidly changed in recent years, with the Internet of Things (IoT) altering the way that consumers navigate the web. But that doesn’t mean that SEO is “dying” or going away.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. For any online business, an effective SEO strategy is still your most important marketing tool. Without it, you’ll have a much tougher time with customer analytics and brand recognition, and your overall web traffic will suffer immensely.

Content and links

Just because SEO constantly evolves doesn’t mean that some of the basics can’t stay the same. Link building has always been among the most basic parts of any SEO campaign, and links are still one of the top search engine ranking factors. The priority has shifted away from simply creating a high volume of links, however.

These days, your SEO content writing is king. High quality content that actually helps your users is the deciding factor in whether they’ll want to return to your site. Placing relevant links in the best places should be your SEO team’s focus. Becoming an authority in your corner of the web is the best way to boost traffic and sales.

Attention grabbing headlines and relevant video content will also be key factors contributing to your web traffic. You’ll need to do extensive keyword research in your field to discover how users look for content and apply that to your own site.

If you find that keywords are particularly competitive, it may be better to go with longer phrases to increase your ranking. While a high Domain Authority is always advantageous, you only need to outscore your direct competitors.

Site appeal

On the subject of outdoing competitors, you’ll need more than high quality content and links if you really want to stand out. You’ll also need to offer a better user experience than other sites in your niche.

A simple visual style with eye catching imagery, easy to read text, and relevant embedded video content is a good start. A conveniently navigable menu for your site will go a long way toward encouraging users to return as well.

Once your site’s content and layout is taken care of, you’ll need to ensure optimal performance on all devices. Many sites today exist in two versions: one for desktops and one for mobile devices. Since the majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices, your mobile support must be a top priority.

Mobile versions of sites are generally simplified with more image and video content, although you should still make sure that all your text is easy to read on smaller screens. Offering all of your site’s content in text and video form is your best way to reach as many users as possible.

Considering the predictions that nearly 80 percent of internet traffic will be video by 2022, investing heavily in video content now should pay off even more down the line.


Algorithms for site rankings have changed significantly since the emergence of social media. In addition to backlinks from other sites in your niche, links to your site via social media can have major impacts on your rankings. Factors such as how many times a link is shared and the authority of the users sharing it will impact your SEO efforts.

While much of social media is out of your control, maintaining a strong and positive presence on popular sites gives you better odds to increase your traffic and sales. Each social media platform can be thought of as a separate search engine.

The future

With the prevalence of voice search rising, it will be important to adapt your SEO strategy to an ever changing future. Keywords are likely to become longer to match a more conversational tone. Staying in the good graces of the likes of Apple and Google will be more important than ever with their smart devices becoming the main ways people search the web.

SEO is not disappearing any time soon, and it’s about to be more important than ever.

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