SEO guide when outsourcing content

In the fast-paced world of online business where content continues to reign as king, creating content is as valuable as the need to consume it. For obvious reasons, great content leads to wider influence, more social shares, higher revenue, and more visibility with search engines.

SEO Musts To Run A Successful Local BusinessBut it did not stop at that as search engines give special attention to unique, fresh and content-rich web pages. Hence the demand is not just to generate content but to keep it fresh and updated. As the need to produce content on a large scale became more immediate, it gave rise to outsourcing content.

But how can you ensure that the outsourced content matches your standards and will not undermine your SEO efforts? So what are the parameters for SEO to follow when outsourcing content?

Things to remember when outsourcing content:

•    Ensure that quality does not suffer – For content to be effective, it has to be creative, correct and contagious. Although these qualities may be difficult to impose with outsourced writers, it can be achieved by maintaining certain rules for writers and dealing only with legitimate ones.

•    Look for fresh and unique content –  Since search engines are always looking for new information, it helps to have freelance writers and bloggers submit new content, with fresh insights and information as well as uniquely written.

•    Maintain the writer’s voice – One of the issues in having outsourced writers is that online companies often lose or fail to establish their voice with having outsourced and freelance writers. Unlike companies with in-house writers, maintaining a voice may be difficult with outsourced writers and it may take time for you to establish your personality and identity in your content. With regular writers, readers and potential clients may be able to identify you as it also helps establish the company’s culture.

•    Keep a regular pool of writers – To prevent inaccuracies in your content, it would help to maintain a pool of writers who knows and understand your product or services. Having writers who are knowledgeable with your product or service would make it easier for your online marketing campaign.

•    Train and re-orient writers to your writing style – To maintain a consistent voice, you have to train outsourced writers to your style and personality. This is done to familiarize them with your culture as well the values that you espouse. In time, your principles and values will be reflected in their writing.

Outsourcing content is a good idea, especially for those who need blogs, articles and other content material on a massive scale. Though there are risks to take when you outsource your content, the benefits that you can get from unique and fresh content far outweighs the dangers of outsourcing. In a choice between real content and the ones generated by an article spinning software, a good content written by any writer never fail to get the attention of readers as well as search engine.

In the end, it is the quality of the write-up that matters most, which will determine if your content is worth the readers’ attention.

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