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Covering the leaks and rumors of Samsung galaxy S series is quite unpredictable. You never know what you are going to get; sexy, cutting edge innovation or perforated band aid. While Samsung’s days of massive growth may be over, the galaxy s series remains the most represented android smartphone.  Millions of people see android through Samsung’s lens, making the galaxy S7 a hugely influential device. Judging on history alone one could bet that Samsung will introduce the Samsung galaxy S7 right before the Mobile World congress which in 2016 will be held from February 22nd to 25th.


The most common rumor is that we will see a 5.2 inch AMOLED quad HD display that’s 1440 by 2516 pixels and Gorilla Glass 4. Samsung will stick with its tried and tested formula for the display on the S7 that means that means keeping with the 5.1 inch to 5.2 inch quad HD display panel utilized on the S6. Now it’s possible and likely that Samsung will improve the efficiency and overall quality of the display. Several reports suggest that Samsung will once again use a mix of Qualcomm and Exynos chips. According to electronic times, Samsung plans to use the Snapdragon 820 in US and China and the in-house Exynos 8890 in other markets. It would provide great performance despite a lot of rumors about overheating issues. Given that the note 5 has 4 gigabytes of RAM, Samsung will probably use the same amount on the Galaxy S7, though it’s possible that it’ll stick with 3 gigabytes of RAM, which is still very good. Now there’s a rumor from a Chinese leaker that Samsung has listened to its customers voice and decided to bring back the micro SD card slot for the S7. There’s no technical reason why Samsung couldn’t do that and indeed that seems like a good way to win back some of its hardcore customers.


Now when it comes to the camera, two distinct rumors about the main camera on the S7 have surfaced in early November. The first one claims that Samsung has go-to source to sensor from Sony, the undisputed leader in sensor industry. Samsung is reportedly interested in the Sony IMX300 sensor or the 25 megapixel sensor used in Xperia Z5. According to the second rumor Samsung is going to use an in-house ISO cell sensor at just 12 megapixels but with larger pixels for improved low light sensitivity. Samsung pay in fingerprint sensor will make a return probably in the future in improved form. In terms of new stuff, one Chinese source claims that Samsung will integrate synapticsClearForce technology. Now in our mind there is no doubt that Samsung will release an edged variant of the Galaxy S7, but the question is that will there ever be a flat screen version at all?

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