Safety tips for children That should be kept in mind while watching large screen Television

If you have a family and a big screen television set, you have to ensure that it is kept safely away from your children. With children in the house, safety should be your biggest priority, especially if you have a very large television set. When you have an AT&T internetconnection, you may even have to watch out for wires. Here are a few safety tips that will help keep your children safe while they or you watching TV on your large screen television.

Quick Facts

If you look at many older large screen television sets, you will notice how heavy they are. In fact, there have been many global cases where children have been hurt due to a large television set falling on them. Unfortunately, some have even died.


You may think that slimmer television sets are lighter but the truth is that LED glass is quite heavy. The bigger they are, the heavier they get. Any large number of factors can contribute to child injuries such as poor bracket installation, poor television placement and even cable clusters.

Television Placement

One of the biggest problems with most large screen television owners is that they place their television where they can easily see it. They do not take into account the reach of children. If a child pulls on a large screen television hard enough, it can loosen the wall brackets. Overtime, it can even come off.


Ensure that you place your television in the right spot. If you are going to place it on a television stand, make sure that it is placed in a magnetic enclosure. Such enclosures require a user to push on the glass covers with quite some force to swing it open.

If you are going to place it on the wall, ensure that you place it out of reach of your children. This does not mean that you place it very high but at least higher than the reach of a 10 year old child. This will ensure that even when they grow up, they will not be able to pull the large screen television down.

Cable Clusters

If you have an internet connection, such as an AT&T internet connection, you need to ensure the wires are concealed. Wire or cable concealers can be bought quite inexpensively. They allow you to cover up your cables so that the area is both visually appealing and safe. When you have both a wired internet connection and children under the same roof, it makes sense to cover your wires.


Extra Features

Many extra features come with large screen television sets. Sound systems are quite easily the most common extra feature that comes with large screen television sets. Unfortunately, these speakers can also drop on children. Additionally, their vibrations may shake the large screen television loose from its wall brackets. It may even move it from its original position.


Therefore, it is important that you install the wall speakers properly. Ensure that the hooks are not loose and are sufficiently in the wall. If you have a subwoofer, ensure that it has rubber pads under it. This will help to absorb most of the vibrations so that you or your large screen television does not have to.

Proper Bracket Installation

Proper bracket installation is one of the most important aspects of placing a large screen television set on the wall. If you do not properly install your wall brackets, the weight of your large screen television will eventually weaken the brackets until they break, Furthermore, if you have cables for your AT&T internet connection, they need to be concealed so they are not pulled. Pulling on such cables increases the downward force of the television and weakens the wall brackets.


To any parent, children are their first priority. Always ensure that you keep your large screen television set away from them. They should not be able to reach the large screen television nor pull on any cables connected to it. By following some a few simple guidelines, such as those given above, you can rest easy when you watch TV on your large screen television set.

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