Rumors About Xbox 720 – Find the Truth!

mircrosoft-xbox-720The Xbox 720 has been the rumor of the people all over the streets. SuperDae speaks to Kotaku about the Xbox 720 advancement kits together with the overview of the system documents as well as the details of the Microsoft’s specification that is still unannounced by the next platform.

Kinect will have its function on the Xbox 720 as mentioned by the trusted source. There will be an updated and advanced version of the Kinect of the Xbox 720 that will be sold and will not be considered as an optional accessory. For the Xbox users, they are going to have a calibrated and a new plug-in for the Kinect console so it can perform all those features. It is also said that it will be mandatory to have this new Kinect plug-in. Every game is guaranteed to have this Kinect unit and the studios can still program the games with the use of the technology in mind.

Regarding the specification, the newest Kinect is said to handle six players into one room at the same time. In addition to this, it can also track your thumbs with the use of the peripheral camera to determine if the player’s hand is either close or open. Not just that, the peripheral camera can also read your facial expressions, so it can indicate the player’s performance, and mood.

Another great feature of this microsoft Xbox 720 is that the player can choose if they want to install the game into their respective hard drives or not. The main benefit of this is it will help them lessen the load of the heavy downloads coming into the computer. It is said in the report that all Xbox 720s will be mandated to ship into 500GB hard disk, but the game can also be installed in the background.

Aside from that, the Xbox 720 can handle two or more games simultaneously. The Xbox 720 seems to be a combination of Smartphones and PCs. Further, Xbox 720 lets you “constrain” or “suspend” the mode of the game and will let the player pause the current game and then switch to another. With that, you can return to the first game without even losing any data.

As you will notice, not all specifications are mentioned in this report. A Microsoft representative told the GameSpot that they do not dwell on the wrong speculations around but on their next platform. Microsoft will eventually break their silence soon and will reveal all the features of this newly invented game console. It is believed that the company will announce Xbox 720’s release date this March of 2013.

Author : David lived in Boston for five years. After graduated, he moved back to his country and started his own business. Video games and Martial arts have been his passion since he was young.And he is more than welcome to make friends with fellow gamers,bloggers.

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