The Key Role Tech Plays in Small Businesses

With 28.8 million small businesses in the US, it’s a real feat to stand out among the competition. After all, not only do you have to separate yourself from small businesses that sell similar products and services, but you also have to compete with much larger businesses.

While there are ways to spread brand awareness and increase sales, technology plays a major role in small businesses — and that role is to improve efficiency so businesses can be more competitive. Here’s how.

Tech levels the playing field

In its simplest form, tech can make small businesses run more efficiently, which can save time, money, and effort for an entire team. Tech makes small business owners’ jobs easier. It can help increase sales as well as boost customer service.

Let’s take Facebook as an example. Small businesses can engage with their customers on their Facebook pages as well as post relevant content. This can increase customer service and help spread brand awareness. Taking it a step further, small businesses can run ads on Facebook, and reach either a large amount of people or a smaller target audience.

Big companies will always be able to afford expensive ads on platforms like TV, which helps them reach a national audience, but marketing and advertising on Facebook allows small businesses to reach a large amount of people, even on a national level.

While sales and gaining customers is important, tech also makes it possible for the customer experience to be better. As an example, a Salesforce call center allows your customers to reach your business via different channels, such as SMS/text, voice, and email.

Not every customer wants to reach you via a phone call, but with call center software, it’s possible for customers to receive answers to their questions via text, email, or other channels, not to mention a customer can jump from channel to channel as if a customer was on a single conversation.

Larger goals with smaller teams

Small businesses can also incorporate project management systems in which all of the information is relayed and organized on one app in a digital setting so all team members can access it remotely.

They can connect with each other using messaging services like Slack or via conference calling software, making it possible to communicate with remote employees no matter where they live. The best part is that there’s so much technology available for small and big businesses alike and these businesses can use tech based on their wants and needs.

Tech helps small businesses compete better because it gives smaller teams the same tools that bigger businesses use. Not only that, but small businesses can now access the same resources as larger businesses.

Technology is making it possible for small business owners to learn invaluable information and strategies thanks to all of the resources and information that’s easily accessible online, whether free or not. Conferences are no longer mandatory to succeed in business thanks to these resources and information, as well as having the ability to connect with people all over the world online.

In the past, small businesses were only able to reach local customers which means all of their customers were local. However, thanks to technology, small businesses, whether they’re remote or not, can reach people all over the world. Small businesses can, therefore, have clients, customers, and employees wherever there’s an internet connection, making their lives easier.

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