Role of Web Development in Internet Marketing

Web development and developers play a pivotally important role in online marketing. There are plenty of eye-catching applications, which are released by experienced developers and those applications are worth millions of dollars.

Thus, the role of a web developer is becoming important in online marketing. There are some common questions, which occur in case of app development. Such questions are related to the purpose of the website, the potential visitors on the site, strategies to keep the website up and running etc. For maintaining a website, SEO and social media activities are essentially required. SEO is quite dynamic and it has so many layers. The best practices in SEO are those, which are latest, relevant and updated. Websites are recommended to follow those best practices and policies, not just for getting visibility but also for saving themselves from getting penalized by the search engines.

These days, search engines are keeping vigil eyes open on how a particular website is promoting itself on the online space. If it is found by them that a website is indulging itself into strategies, which they consider illicit, the site will get penalized. For example, Google doesn’t buy the idea anymore that number of incoming links will increase the ranking of a website. Google rather prefers the incoming links to be qualitatively high and in sync with the niche of the site. In other words, a website that is on jewelry can put link on another website, which is on fashion because both separate niches fall into the unified theme, which is on beauty and accessories.

But if it is found that incoming links are coming to the site from a technology related website, then penalty awaits for it. The site’s ranking can fall and it could also see a drop in its PageRank. That’s why, it’s wise not to force the process of getting top ranking on search engines and every site should adhere to the practices and guidelines, recommended by search engines. Google made another recent announcement on posting articles to article submission directories. Earlier one article happened to be submitted across multiple directories. But after Google’s recent update, one article can be posted on only one directory.

With rising popularity of social media, search engines have been putting mammoth importance on social media links. But the pioneers of internet marketing campaign are highly advised to post on social networks prudently, because if the content is not user-friendly, then the site may get value of out of the link, but will fall short in terms of user-engagement.

Web development is instrumental in helping both SEO and social media campaigns. Developers can build apps, which will bolster the marketing campaign and abide by the guidelines by search engines and social networking sites. So the bottomline that comes out at the end of the day; web development is inherently related to internet marketing.


Author Bio – Jim Morris has almost 10 years of experience in writing on SEO, internet marketing, web development and related areas. He likes writing on these areas because he could reflect his expertise through writing. His articles provide valuable insights to marketers and users and that’s why a large number of users enjoy reading his articles.