With the increase in internet usage social media became more popular than before. The use of these sites is increasing rapidly. The results of the research conducted by Pew research center in February 2012 shows that, 66% of online adults use social networking sites. The target audience of most businesses is normally adults. Leaving this ground empty for the competitors is not a good Idea.

Purpose of Joining the Club

The main objective which is gained through these sites is customer’s attention. Users which have joined your pages can get all the updates easily and it will also decrease the costs of promotion and advertisement. These sites also helps you in increasing the reputation your website. A website which is active and got plenty of daily visitors is in the good books of search engines.

How to get social attention?

There are numerous benefits which can be obtained through social media sites. The first task is to create pages and accounts of your business on websites like Facebook, Twitter, G + and LinkedIn. These pages should represent your business in a very positive way. The photos and updates should be relevant to your business.

Create Buttons on website.

Creating buttons is a tricky task. You might need the help of some web developer to do so. But once you have got these buttons on your website, they will be are very helpful in keeping old customers and also in making new. The customers who have liked or followed your page will receive the updates you do. This will increase the chances that they will come to you again. When a new user comes to your website the likes and followers of your website give him a good impression.

Share your news and articles

Once you have some followers, keep them interested by posting the latest news and informative articles. The traffic drawn to your articles will be helpful in its indexing. This will also increase the visitors of your website. It will get you a lot of attention if you have planned the strategy thoroughly.

Distance Issue is resolved

Social media has resolved the issue of distance and truly made the world a global village. There are a lot of stories which are shared through social media and the news channels. Many video feeds are updated on Facebook before they are shown on news. The average of people who watch news is less than social sites users. It is very beneficial to post your business news on social sites.

Increase in communication

Social sites have played an important role in communication. If the company is offering some kind of limited time discount it is very easy to communicate to potential buyers through their sites.

Used as search engine

Many people use social sites for searching about their interests. Users like and subscribe to the pages which are of their interest. This helps in finding the right product easily. All the International brands have made their pages for the benefit of their customers.

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