Roberts Stream 83i vs. Roberts RD-60

Up for introduction and comparison are two fashionable and functional models of portable radios by Roberts. The models being introduced are the RD-60 by Roberts Portable Radio, and for comparison the Roberts Stream 831 Portable Radio. Both of these models share certain similarities, but they also differ in terms of their overall makeups and by the features that are inherently standard within each of the separate design types. Both radios are obviously different model types upon visual inspection, but one is more technological in its approach, and one is more specifically focused upon sound production. The comparisons are listed as follows.

The Roberts RD-60 model of portable radio is characterized by a classic and classy design. In appearances it is reminiscent of portable guitar amplifiers. The accessories are gilded gold plating that interacts with the black design of the speaker box in an extremely pleasing manner. There is a great number of preset capabilities available for programming frequently tuned stations. The simple wooden construction of the RD-60 radio also houses a good deal of ports, which enable users to integrate their radios to several other types of devices. The RD-60 can interact with headphones, MP3 players, and auxiliary speakers of many kinds.

The Roberts Stream 83i model of Portable Radio features internet connectivity capabilities, which enable users to connect via available Wi-Fi networks for the purpose of tuning online radio stations and podcasts. It has the ability to interact with USB interfaced devices, including flash sticks which may contain MP3 files. The sound settings can be adjusted over the internet provided the owner of this radio has set up an online account which will allow them to access their radio via the world wide web. The design is more modern with a sleek black design that features a lighted digital display. Best of all, there are no software downloads necessary in order to integrate a Roberts Stream 83i with a computer.