Ringless Voicemail Drops: Best Practices

Ringless voicemail is one of the most effective tools in the telecommunication marketing industry. It’s one of the best ways to reach out to a larger set of audiences, while providing them true value in the form of an automated call. It’s important to be as clear and concise with your messaging, while focusing on a range of benefits relevant to your consumer.

One of the best ways of supercharging your ringless voicemail drop is to make it memorable from the get-go. By getting straight to the point, and focusing on the value offered, you’re able to develop a relationship with your customers that much more effectively. You can also design distinct messages that can be tested across a range of success parameters.

Opting for the right tool

When working with ringless voicemails, it’s important to leverage the right technological solutions in the industry. These solutions can be customized to fit in with your campaign, while allowing you to track critical data. Everything from voicemail drops to conversion rates can be traced back to the dashboard being leveraged.

The right tool also allows you to leave a direct message effectively. No call is ever made, which is why there are no hidden fees or service charges associated. Brands have complete freedom in who they target and can upload a comprehensive list of unorganized data. The right tool can also allow companies to sort through the information provided, while working within the dashboard.

Include follow-up information

Your voicemail should have critical information about your brand somewhere in the copy. Most brands prefer to leave this information towards the end, while many firms experiment with different placements. You can also choose to leave your website details in the beginning, while your contact information towards the end.

It’s important to have some form of follow-up information included in your message, as it encourages customers to take action. Otherwise, your message may be lost in the plethora of marketing communication that they may have received at the time. By leaving your details during the call, you’re also able to leverage continuity in messaging the next time you leave a voicemail.

Consistency in messaging

It’s important to remain consistent across mediums, so that you’re able to benefit from compounded communication. You can engage with the right target audiences repeatedly if you’re consistent with your message. You can even test out various messages across a range of audience sets, by bringing in engaging elements in your communication.

Consistency also extends to the multiple times that customers are contacted via the same company. When you need to send out multiple messages, you can experiment with the tone and content of the messages shared. However, the overarching goal of coherent communication remains consistent. This makes the objective of reaching out to mass consumers that much more feasible long-term.

Remaining compliant with FCC framework

Brands must adhere to the regulations laid out by the FCC, especially when it comes to automated calling. Because you’re leaving a direct voicemail on a number, you may be subjected to local tele-calling laws as well. It’s best to never be intrusive in your message, and to remain respectful to a do not call list (if any). There may also be TCPA regulations that brands may need to follow when communicating via automated calling.

Additionally, your messaging must be true with its claims and give clarity where necessary. Your ringless voicemail drop must be state any claim that can’t be made by the organization, either in part or in-full. Because the voicemail is a direct message sent to the target audience, it’s critical to provide an opt-out mechanism. This can help you remain free from any liabilities long-term.