Richard Gorman: Essential Content Creation Tools

Richard Gorman notes that, in recent months, content creation has become all the rage—not just among social media marketing pros, but even among SEOs. “It is not hard to understand why the importance of high-quality content has suddenly come to the foreground,” says Gorman, himself a long-time marketing pro. “When Google unleashed its Penguin update, it rendered a lot of old-school SEO tactics obsolete—and really, the best way to achieve solid Google rankings now is to focus on creating content that is useful, engaging, and informative for human readers.”

No matter what branch of digital marketing you are in, then, content creation should be a major priority. Essential though it may be, however, content creation can also prove daunting. Simply coming up with strong content ideas is hard enough, to say nothing of actually creating and them publishing that content! According to Richard Gorman, however, there are a few content creation tools that can help.

Tools for Brainstorming

The content creation process begins with brainstorming for good ideas—ideas for your blog posts, articles, and so on. One great resource for brainstorming new topics is Quora, the online question-and-answer database. According to Gorman, Quora is great because tracking down one basic topic can lead to ideas for several related topics; in other words, Quora can serve as a wellspring of inspiration.

An even simpler way to brainstorm related topic ideas? Simply type your basic keyword or theme into a Google search box, and see what Autocomplete has to suggest. These Google-fueled search suggestions can prove very useful in leading you from one idea to another.

Tools for Content Publication and Management

It is also important to find some useful platforms for publishing your content. The search engines love to reward content that is fresh and relevant—i.e., sites, where new content is posted on a routine basis. Blogging is the obvious way to get in good with Google, then, but which blogging platforms are most useful?

Many SEOs put their trust in This platform comes with numerous advantages. The chief one is the open-source design, which lends itself to SEO plugins. is also a good tool, but it lacks the SEO plugin capacities of, and as such it is recommended only for novices.

Tools for Social Networking

Finally, once you’ve got some content published, it comes time to publicize that content, by sharing it on social media sites. Ideally, your online marketing endeavors involve the use of numerous social networks—but how can you manage and organize them effectively? There are plenty of fine social media management tools, but HootSuite is probably first among equals. It makes it easy to schedule social media posts, and to coordinate your activity between several different social platforms.

The bottom line, according to Richard Gorman, is that content creation is never a totally simple or easy thing—but there are plenty of tools that can make the process as efficient as possible. Richard Gorman encourages marketing pros and novices alike to seek out some of these exemplary tools.