Reviews on Groupon Clone Scripts

If it is all about group buying business, Groupon is the only site that strikes our minds. The site has been quite powerful and impressive right from its launch, which has triggered in several developers (more commonly from India and China) to come with groupon clones. Though a plenty of groupon clones have released so far, only a few has found be pretty inviting. In this post, I’ve reviewed some of the top groupon clone softwares, which you might find useful.


  • Contus GroupClone
  • Couponic
  • Wroupon
  • AlstraSoft
  • Daily Deal Builder
  • Agriya
  • GetSocio
  • Groupon Clone Pro
  • Eponware’s EponGroup


Contus Group Clone

Contus is a Chennai, India-based company that excels in providing web and mobile based solutions for eCommerce. Contus Group clone script is built under Magento shopping cart platform, which means that the software is totally secure and abiding. The company also has developed several plugins for Magento and other popular CMS.

The script falls fairly hard to install straight-out-the-box but if installed well, it runs well. Contus Group Clone requires minimum PHP 5.2 version to run. Though the script suffers some bugs, it is the Magento standard that scores rank. In my point, Contus Group Clone is the best to rely on if you really wanna experience the efficacy of Magento.


Couponic is a Russian-based company that offers groupon script with an exclusive front-end, but a dissatisfying back-end. This groupon software is built on the “Yii” framework, which is more rarely used. The script is offered at $200 base price in addition to the $35 for each add on.


A Chinese-based company located in Singapore that offers groupon clone software in an ultimately cheaper price. The script has got bugs in adding cities and limited payment processors. The lite version of this software is available at $89 while the full version comes at $350.


AlstraSoft is a Chinese company, which offers group buying scripts in an utterly free cost. The demo video in this script is quite imperative. Besides that, the script enfolds several bugs in it, which are described below:

  1. The WYSIWYG editor does not allow plain text in it.
  2. In order to add a website, it is required to type “http://” before the website. Otherwise the link doesn’t work.
  3. As in other scripts, adding cities is a bit tougher in this script also, sicne it makes use of a different character set.

Apart from these issues, it is the price factor to convince with. The script is available at $178, provided a discount coupon available by typing “AS15”.

Daily Deal Builder

Daily Deal Builder is an exclusive Groupon clone script, which you can afford at a break-neck price. Starting from $400, you can purchase this script along with a monthly subscription of $25 per month. It has reached as high as $5000 a month with over one million subscribers. With this ultimate cost factor the script questions about its worthiness for the cost. Instead of the image, the scripts covers options for YouTube videos. Like in other scripts the payment gateways are limited to the PayPal standards and has a prominent credit card processor. You will also find difficulties in choosing the design and adding cities. Currency setting is provided based on site location. The script can be purchased at $400 in addition to the monthly fee starting at $25. However, the support is available only within the US time zones.


Agriya is an India-based company, which provides group clone script at a legitimate price. The script is formalized clean and effective from the front end, while the back end is quite embarrassing. Agriya’s group buying script is built on the CakePHP framework and suffers conflicts while sending coupons to a group. Based on the software variations, the price also varies.


A Groupon script where users to do all the work for you and you purposely rent Groupon services from them. A lot of people have made use of this script since it is easy to set up. The script is available on a subscription fee of $15 per month, which is free for the first month and 5% of each payment is considered as the transaction fee.

Groupon Clone Pro

A Joomla based script that looks tremendous from its front end, while the demo site at back end has no accurate access. In order to login the demo, the script offers username and password which fall to be admin and admin123. This even indicates that the script is least concerned when it comes to professionalism. In the bask end the script incorporates the very features of the Agriya platform. If it is with payment and payment gateways, the clone script stands absolutely best.

A Bulgaria-based company that develops groupon clone scripts in a simple and appealing look like that of WordPress. The back end is great, while the front end is a bit bothersome with drop down cities menu. Even with few technical limitations the script serves moderate when compared to its competitors. This groupon script is available at $400.

EponWare’s EponGroup

EponGroup is the Groupon clone script offered by EponWare that is Joomla CMS based. There is no free demo for this script and it is offered only if requested. The software takes 3-5 days to ship around and reach your hands and its really comical that a downloadable software needs to ship so long. The company can be contacted via a mail addressed to gmail, thereby notifying us that they don’t own a email service. The code is encrypted with a limited functionality and the support they provide is not just convincing. The software is offered at $500 excluding skin design for $250, language model for $150, training for $99 and customization for $50/hour.

This software provides buttons for front and back ends of the site. All menu activities are managed from the left side, so that users can access things easily. The major issues are faced in managing transactions, managing user info, sending out coupons and so forth. Two payment gateways supported here are PayPal standard and PayPal Pro. It is available on variety of prices like for default template it is $250, unique design it is $400, multi-language it is $350 and customizations it is $250.

Major Limitations

Each of these script has got its own unique limitation. Almost all groupon clone software are limited to a single currency system. Next issue I find is, limitation over to multiple language versions of a site. And the final thing is limited payment processors, in which Contus falls to be an exception.



In my review as a whole, though each if these scripts have got its own pros and cons, it is the Contus Group clone which makes some difference in terms of quality and the platform it is built on. Magento specialization is making the script much stronger and effective. The Magento shopping cart and payment processors stands in the favors of Contus GPC. Apart from that, Contus is offering an excellent ticketing support despite the time zones. They also keep upgrading the script with new features very often.

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