Reasons of Traditional CRM Failure To Boost Revenue Per Sales

However, this concept was established more than 20 years ago and since then it has become a robust foundation business app of enterprises. By using this technology, companies can easily transform how they actually see and manage their relationships with their customers from transactional moments to long-term engagements.  Regardless by which means companies interact with their customers, CRM can easily collect data across different touch points like email, marketing material, websites and social media.

Reason why you need more than CRM

Perhaps, there are many companies that are using CRM for customer support, marketing automation and sales management; most of them are getting fail to harness the complete potential of their business. The reason is the failure of traditional CRM systems for the revenue management processes that play a big part in the complete experience and journey of the customer. Whereas CRM solutions are playing their part of the gathering and storing prospect and customer data, they are having a shortage of important data for contracting, pricing, quoting and offering rebates as well as incentives. This sort of information is important for sales in order to succeed at the time of purchasing cycle when potential problems appear and can serve to frustrate prevailing customers and to deter prospects.

So how Quoting and Contracting Process are examined?

When a sale representative conveys a wrong quote to the client due to outdated pricing information, the complete process of sale can be delayed and this leads to the loss of opportunity. However, if errors are distributed into the contracting phase of sale, this issue can be intensified. Now, this situation is common because product configuration and current pricing rules that are stored in the back office systems are not accessible in the CRM systems that are used by the sales team. This can highly affect the customer relationship.

Managing Revenue and Channel Sales Data

For companies, managing revenue is one of the most important tasks to do, especially the companies that managers large channel networks. Each year, there are a number of high-tech companies that spend a particular amount of resources for cleansing, collecting and analyzing channel data in order to augment visibility into channel sales and internal activities. However, without properly aligned tools, companies fail to achieve visibility into these essential internal processes, resulting in loss of revenue. It is crucial that channel data should be accurate, available, and integrated into CRM solution of the company to improve accuracy in incentive payments, reduce duplicative discount claims and enable effective channel sales that helps in higher profit margins and reduced payment outlays.

Buzz About CRM Systems

Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities have tremendous about even when applied to CRM. However, these latest technologies seem promising to a large extent, it still a notion that how companies will reap maximum benefits by adopting them. Also, we are expecting that there are many Microsoft Dynamics CRM consultants company that will implement solutions that increase their CRM systems along with such capabilities that are designed to automate the major revenue management processes as mentioned above. In order to manage the customer experiences, companies still depend on their CRM systems and they have realized that they have to explore that step by making seamless processes, shortening sales cycles and removing annoyance by making sure efficiency and accuracy.


CRM software has grabbed the attention of many businesses from a last few decades and today it has become one of the most used default tools in a number of sales departments. According to recent studies, more and more companies are dependent on their sales team to nurture prospects, drive extra revenue and create added demand to drive more revenue. Today, companies are investing in leveraging and training new technologies to get optimum results. Best in class companies and Smart companies are moving beyond traditional Dynamics CRM by investing in Inside sales enablement tools to get more lucrative returns.

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