Ranktrader a New Game Concept for Webmasters

1Rank trader is stock exchange for websites, Where web masters offer virtual shares of their websites that people can buy/sale. Virtual shares are also known as v-Share simple shares which trader’s calls v-shares are traded in the open market V- shares are totally virtual. It doesn’t means that the investor can buy a portion of the web page where he can do his work such as adds, videos etc .webmaster completely owns the web sites and he have all the control over the web site. V-share represents the value of the web site and it also shows the popularity of the website. In other words you can say that v shares increase and decrease the value of the website on internet and social networks. As your website gets good traffic, improvement in social graph and SEO juice, the value of its V shares also rise.

Investor can deposit its investment in the form of real money for buying and selling shares same like that happens in the real stock market.

In the mean while rank Trader is in beta stage which means people can of the beta members can deposit their investment in the form of V shares of websites. You can start by creating a free beta account of Rank Trader. Creating a beta account is very easy and simple. Rank Trader has provided easy and simple signup form. By filling those simple forms you can get access to Rank Trader. Once the account is created you can deposit your virtual money to begin trading. You might have little glitch in the begging because the system doesn’t allows you to go beyond the triple digits. Initially you will think that you are limited to 900 deposits. However after refreshing your browser you will be able to add more money to your account. Then this will turned out to be a temporary glitch.

So you can add more and more money in your account. And can reach up to 100,000 at the beginning. When you will look at your market place its will look much regular stock trading platform.

You can see various websites being traded onto your graph. Every website have action that you can click either for buying or selling, when you click the action button a window will popup that allows you to give specifics to your action. It will have simple and easy options.

Webmasters or owner of the web sites get registered their website and allow people and investors to buy websites using v shares. It is very easy and quick process.

Webmasters simply fill out the descriptions of their web site. And submit their websites for approval. It might take about 24 hours for this whole process.