Questions to ask yourself before you buy a tablet PC

Now, don’t think that this is a question that requires you to justify your purchase. If you want to buy a tablet PC, that’s your business, but you have to know what you want it for. Do you want it to watch movies or listen to music? Do you want to use some apps for work and take your documents along in electronic format? Do you want it as a gaming platform? Be sure to keep this in mind when you’re choosing a model.

2. What do I want to put in the tablet PC?

Think about what you want to carry around. If you want to take your media library along with you wherever you go, take note of this. You might only want to take some documents along whenever you need something for work, so you should keep this in mind too. If you know what you want to upload onto your tablet, you’re usually able to determine what storage capacity you need.

3. How much customization do you want for your tablet?

Whenever you get a personal gadget, you want to be able to customize it to your preferences. But not all tablets can give you complete control over your digital experience. Android tablets allow you to change almost everything about the interface if you’re particularly tech-savvy. An iPad, on the other hand, doesn’t let you alter anything except the wallpaper, screensaver and alert tones. They tell their users that there’s really no need to change something beautiful and easy to use.

4. What apps do you want to have on your tablet?

If there are particular apps you want to use, be sure to check it they’re available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Sometimes, certain apps are only available on one app store. You should also check if the app you’re looking for is locked to certain countries on the Apple, since you might be unable to download apps and other media that are restricted to certain countries. You don’t want to buy a tablet thinking that it can run this app only to be disappointed and regret your purchase because it actually can’t because of certain restrictions. Sometimes, only more advanced tablets can run remote access apps, voice mail inboxes, torrent clients and other sophisticated mobile apps.

5. Do you want phone capabilities on your tablet?

In theory, any tablet can be turned into a phone, especially if you know which apps and service to download. But certain brands such as Samsung already have phone capabilities built in to the tablet. This means that you aren’t just buying a Galaxy Tab, you’re also getting a phone. It might be a bit awkward to use a tablet for calls, but it’s great for messaging.