Preliminary steps to create your first small Ecommerce Business Website

Almost everyone realizes the importance of website but many small businesses don’t have one for they assume it to be overly expensive and complicated. However, that’s not the case for there’re various tricks allowing you to launch a wonderful website without hassle. All you need is to do a little homework such as business trajectory, tracking customers, establishment of a sound communication system and identifying products/services you’ll serve. Take a look at preliminary steps you need to work on!

Domain name

Choose an exceptional domain name. Online sites like or have a list of available domain names, pick one that’s easy to spell and remember. Apart from the usual “.com”, look for “.net, .org, .biz” so on but let it be unique. Another possibility is purchasing a known domain name from third party having a certain ranking over search engine. It’ll be expensive but you won’t have to create your website from scratch; just minor tweaks and it’s good to go! After careful selection, buy or “secure” it as often termed in technical language.

Web hosting package

Next step is to purchase a web hosting package from the same source that is; or any other. Like domain name, you’ll find a vast array of packages for email hosting and online website at different prices. Though you may prefer the least expensive, don’t compromise basic needs such as reliable email accounts, storage requisites, bandwidth, sub-domain availability, If you lack technical knowledge, discuss the requisites with an experienced website designer or a web savvy colleague. Do so before purchasing the hosting package to invest rightly!

SSL Certificate

Secure your small e-commerce business website with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to encrypt online data transmissions such as Credit/Debit card numbers, User Name and Password and other personal or financial information. If your site is secured with SSL, website address begins with ‘https’ rather than ‘HTTP’. SSL certificate classified based on domain validation methods such as Domain Validation (DV), Organization Validation (OV), and Extended Validation (EV). Major e-commerce sites use EV SSL certificate to show company name next to the site URL as well in order to improve trust level of customers and encourage them for online shopping. I recommend an authorized reseller Cheap SSL Shop to buy SSL certificate at an affordable price.

Design & content

Website design and content are the basic foundations that’ll determine its success or failure. Both should coincide with products and services you’ll offer while information has to be accurate. A briefing of your company along with background, news portal, event calendar, blogs, images and other multimedia files makes up the content. Whereas ease of navigation, aesthetics, colour and entire layout is covered by design! Here, you definitely need to work closely with a professional copywriter and website designer who’ll guarantee perfection.


Logo or trademark is another crucial factor that distinguishes you from the rest. It gives your business a particular recognition and often become a primary identification mark. If you’re already an established business, there’s no need to change the logo unless major streamlining is underway. If that isn’t the case, you can design one using creative suites or download custom logos from the internet.

Content management system (CMS)

The evolution of content management system paved way for nascent developers to come-up with a neat website. You no longer need to master sophisticated coding but simple drag-and-drop interface would create an exceptional site. WordPress & OpenCartare widely used today.

Mobile version

There has been a dramatic shift with internet accessibility over the years. More and more users browse the World Wide Web on-the-go using smartphones and handheld devices. It may be challenging but having a mobile version of your existing website is more important than desktop. Ensure it’s easily accessible with all options giving users a premium experience.


These are a few essentials to an exceptional website whether yours is a small business or multinational organisation.