PHP Development: Picking your Programming Language

Summary: This article highlights the key aspects of picking a programming language for your website. It shows how almost every sector and almost every industry can profit by using PHP development for their websites. Many industry mammoths rely on PHP. This article aims at bringing out why.
The world has gone online. A lot of people have moved from traditional methodologies to a more online approach towards things. This entails that every company today seeks to have a strong online presence.
A lot of the way an online presence works depends upon the programming language you pick. Of course the users don’t get to experience any of the actual changes owing to the language, but a huge and observable difference occurs from the point of view of the site owner.
Each industry has its own specific requirement with respect to language. There is a clear demarcation of the kind of advantages each industry has with distinct programming languages.
The Money Maker’s Sector
The financial sector is always abuzz with a lot of activity and commotion. There is something that is happening round the clock. Calculation and mathematic awareness is a very important aspect here. The major things involved in a financial website are:
•    Functional programming characteristics
•    Mathematical calculations
•    Financial calculations
•    Functional tabs
•    Object Oriented Paradigms
•    Strong architectural patterns
This is why; most entrepreneurs in this sector choose Scala, Java or PHP. C# too is sometimes used.
Agency, Media, Advertising, and Design
With the general design procedures needed in creative work, languages that can create patterns fast are in high demand. The most important thing here automatically becomes a language which is dynamic and makes use of minimal of code, so that maximum amount of functionality can be achieved. Patterns and primary code design elements are less important. Languages like Ruby, PHP and JavaScript are key for this.
The past few years have seen a world obsessed with technology. It’s almost like no new invention is good enough to satiate the hunger of the audiences and their need for a better and more sophisticated technology is only increased day by day. Languages like Java are being used for Android and Objective C for iOS.

Enterprise Applications and Operational Software
An enterprise application is one such field where in a pattern based structure is vital. Think in terms of reusable and large scale system that is huge and can support massive operations. It requires a certain architectural integrity in its design processes. In such cases Java, PHP and C# seem to be a perfect match. They can facilitate a large natural balance of server and framework support. This makes these languages ideal for enterprise scale and development practices.
Small Business size

Let’s face it. No matter how critically significant an online presence is, a start- up or a small business is going to have a really hard time in facing the developmental costs that are involved in making the website. The budget base for new websites is very limited and tiny.
Here, it is absolutely necessary that they rely on systems that facilitate recurrence and reuse that requires little or no modification. This is why; a small business or a start- up often requires a language that is:
•    Extremely fast prototyping,
•    Has an extensive framework support, and
•    Has a strong community
•    Understands the “hacker mentality”
PHP supports multiple frameworks that make prototyping and development a fun, fast and easy process. JavaScript too seems to have entered the race with the introduction of the

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