Outlook PST File Repair Tool: Recover Outlook Emails, Contacts, Tasks

Outlook is the most used email program currently, owing to its suitability for both personal and professional requirements. Nevertheless, corruption is a condition where all else fails. Microsoft Outlook is no exception when it comes to conditions like these. Therefore, the market is already filled with data recovery commercial tools is so widespread these days that it is nearly next to impossible to be unable to find a solution. Outlook PST Repair Tool is claimed to be one of the sought after applications available for recovering PST files. Supported by a number of various other functions, the software reportedly deals with recovery from corrupt file along with recovering erased messages. The following review tests all such abilities of the product practically to give a clear picture of the software.

An Overview of Outlook PST File Repair Tool

  • One data file is processed at a time on the software
  • Unlimited components recoverable besides emails
  • Advance scan feature for dealing with severe case
  • More than one option for recovered output generation
  • Compatible with all Outlook and Windows OS versions
  • Works even on a machine with most basic configuration

Understanding the Role of Featured Options

There are plenty of options featured on the PST repair tool. The prime role is to help users with the recovery and restoration of data from a damaged PST file. However, there are certain hidden roles, which are not made so obvious but have been discovered through the review, let us discuss:

Provision of Advance Scan

File scanning is the first phase of operating the Outlook PST file repair software. Advance scan option is featured to help with severely corrupted data recovery. However, there is a primary role of the product, which remains hidden from most of us. Deleted data recovery is a feature that advance scan primarily renders. Unless the checkbox for advance scan is not selected, deleted records cannot be recovered.


Outlook PST repair toolRecovering Multiple Items

When performing the restoration of recovered data, most of us straightaway go for the export option without specifying your requirements. Apart from the checkboxes provided against all components, the software UI also features checkboxes against each item within. Using the checkboxes one can define the particular items they need to restore instead of just going for a bulk recovery.

Outlook PST Types Support

During the recovery, not many of us bother seeing the types of PST software supports and its compatible ratio. Many commercial tools of the same category are just built to support the latter versions of Outlook and therefore only render support for Unicode type PST. However, PST repair tool was able to recover both the types, i.e. Unicode and ANSI. Therefore, it can be referred to as a complete Outlook data recovery solution.

Easy to Adapt User Interface

When dealing with the Outlook PST file repair software, it does not seem very difficult to operate. There is a reason for that which is its striking resemblance with the UI of Microsoft Outlook. Recovering a PST file could not be any easier than this. This not only speeds up the procedure but also makes it understandable because of which it becomes trustworthy.

Saving Scanned Copy of PST

Did you notice the small popup window that appears on screen post scanning a PST?

If yes, then you have successfully scanned your copy of PST. Now you are given the privilege to save it for future use. This way not only does the user save time, but can also save the scanned state of the file for future use. Saving the scan helps, prevent rescanning the file, which further saves time and efforts from the user’s end.

Windows OS Compatibility

Only a rare count of users around the world is still using the long gone Windows OS versions. Most computers today have Windows 8, 8.1, or Windows 10. However, the software is programmed to support all available versions until present and doesn’t fail working on any/all Windows OS versions.

Password Protected Recovery

When the Outlook file repair software was tested with a protected Outlook data file, surprisingly no password was required for authentication. This is a risky provision and may put user’s privacy at stake when seen from another standpoint. However, a private and confidential information storing data file is the sole responsibility of a user and thus, a risk factor may involve in case of compromise from user’s end.


  1. Recovers permanently deleted emails and other items too
  2. Password is not required during recovery of protected PST


  1. Doesn’t have provision for processing multiple files at once
  2. Is a dependent application and relies upon Outlook to work


Outlook is so commonly used that a tool like Outlook PST repair tool has become necessary for every common user and professional. It is important to understand the requirements one has from a product like this before investing on it. Outlook PST file recovery is programmed efficiently with features that are appropriate for dealing with a corrupt data file. It can be rated 9 out of 10 owing to the few things that have gone missing in its making. However, overall the product is a productive provision for every Outlook user owing to its unmatched advanced features.