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Oracle Plans for Java DevelopersImpact of Big Conferences organized and held by top hardware and software market players are hard to overestimate. The very fact of their existence gives a strong push forward to development of the promoted technology or tool, gadget or environment. Besides, as Apple’s and Google’s experience shows that the best progress is achieved when the company closely watches what its developers are engaged in, rules and guides them and, what’s even more important, punishes and stimulates.
Oracle seems to learn that quite obvious fact too and is about to announce a range of summer programs for Java developers. The proclaimed goal of that Summer Scout Camp is to make developers more involved and interested in taking the technology into the shining future. More than 100 events will take place in 47 countries across the globe. The best Java practices will be featured, the main technological secrets unveiled and the coolest developers awarded. It may well be a good training experience before JavaOne event, which opens this September.

Expansion into the Embedded

With Java EE 7 technical kit released, the rhetoric of Oracle official representatives has undergone substantial changes as well. Java developers, current or future, are now the main focus of the company’s policy. However, Oracles’s intentions and plans are far more overwhelming. The company is determined to start another quite ambitious project and extend the platform to the Internet of things — the latest generation of connected devices. The idea opens a whole new world of Internet applications – though, quite a challenging one. Oracle plans to provide Java developers with numerous opportunities to build apps for very small devices — street lights and home automation systems. All that projects are supported by hopes that Java can replace the C language in some embedded projects.

Microsoft’s Cloud Support for Java

Besides, an agreement with Microsoft is on the way. The software giant is going to include Java in the package of its Windows Azure cloud services. The company’s representatives mention that Microsoft always keeps a close eye on what its clients need and it is quite evident that the clients need and want Java technologies. From now on customers’ projects will be run in a totally supported environment. That’s not the start of Microsoft’s relations with Java, but it seems the software mogul has learnt its lessons. According to its representatives, the company is going to focus on compliance issues and deliver a vanilla version of the JDK. Support is a good idea as up to date there have been no supported versions of the OpenJDK for Windows, though some other cloud service providers offer the language. Microsoft promises the moon and the sun, but one thing is clear it views the technology as a promising tool to invest in, which will definitely have an impact on the overall popularity of the platform. Moreover, if Oracle undertakes anything to calm down a surging hysteria dealing with Java security risks, the platform may be a success once again.

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