On Preparing Businesses for Enterprise Mobility

As the mobile market expands, mobile solutions are quickly being highlighted and prioritized by many organizations and employees. Mobile adoption in the business setting is accelerating at an unbelievable pace, and this is evidenced by how employees bring their own devices to the office, how they take advantage of cloud-based services, how they constantly look out for collaboration tools that would help them be productive even outside the workplace, or simply how important business processes can be carried out via mobile devices.

Forbes recently collated some interesting predictions for the mobile market in the next three years. Experts say people will be using 804 million smartphones in 2015, up from 293 million in 2010. Tablet usage is presumed to rise considerably in the same year, with an estimated 149 million tablets in use compared to the 17 million tablets on-hand five years prior (2010). Current trends show that nearly 788 million people will be using mobile-only internet in 2015, while approximately 998.1 million people will be using cloud-based mobile applications in the said year. Dan Shey of ABI Research even said that the mobile services industry will grow twice as fast as the consumer market industry in the near future.

Because most people will be relying on their tablets or smartphones for both personal and business use, organizations are already seeing the need to implement formal strategies and initiatives that will enable each member to engage and participate inside or outside the office.

  • Every phone manufacturer and every phone vendor should have enterprise-ready devices. This is a no-brainer. Apple, Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Sony, and Blackberry, along with major wireless carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile have all succeeded in providing devices that are friendly for end-users in the enterprise.
  • Providers of products and services geared towards corporate setups must follow suit. Suppliers of business services and enterprise apps must therefore keep up with the growing importance of mobile adoption among companies to maintain relevant. For example, companies such as SAP and RingCentral have designed and engineered apps optimized for mobilization to turn ordinary smartphones into full-fledged business phones (aside from their desktop-based or internet-based tools).
  • Enterprise-ready devices and applications need to be safe and secure to ensure that business transactions are carried out seamlessly. Since some of the most vital business services will be carried out using mobile devices, security and privacy is of utmost importance. Most companies headed toward this direction are still facing challenges with regard to entrusting sensitive data and information to third parties.
  • Enterprise applications should be easy to deploy and user-friendly. Business decision makers or implementers should not struggle in launching mobility projects for their respective companies. At the same time, the actual solutions deployed should be simple to navigate even for non-technical users – they should work in the way they are intended to without any frills or complications. A solution that has never gone application testing and quality control wouldn’t be a competitive or effective choice because a key component in creating a successful enterprise app is user acceptance.

It is important for both service providers and business entities to prepare for the exceedingly mobile future. As early as now, the value of mobility has been highlighted in various organizations. A collective understanding of what the future holds for the enterprise resulted to the creation of a bevy of third-party solutions that can meet the growing need; and soon companies will be expected to add these processes and strategies into their day-to-day dealings.

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