On Hold Messages Are The Keys To Improve marketing Calls

We all put business calls. Many us will have various needs and may be looking for various products or services. We may all be associated to various firms but one thing remains, we all have been put at least once on hold. How was that experience? Were you left with the pulsating beep or the busy tone? The worst is when one is left on hold with nothing but air to listen. And most business calls, on an average, are put on hold for nearly two minutes.

A recent survey had brought it to the notice of many that a person is kept on hold for an hour, approximately, in the whole year during business calls. Just think, the person may be attending to some other work during this time. Some may prefer to do doodling while some may prefer to listen to songs. In short, if you are a businessman you will find out that this time is simply getting wasted. You could have made better use of your customers’ time by indulging in productive on hold messages during calls.

Believe it or not, a little bit of courtesy shown on a call when the customer is put on hold can work wonders for the impression of the company. People will appreciate this courtesy and that works well for the business. Suppose you got any new schemes coming up then this is one of the most novel ways to interact and educate your customers about it.

All one will need is a good script to work on. These scripts are then used for the on hold messages so these have to be proof read well. Basically most of the messages are timed so that the message will be played for the particular time limit and then if required it might be replayed. Many of the companies who provide this service, charge on the basis of the number of words being used in the message. So make sure that the on hold messages that one comes up with are efficient and clear.

There are many firms which are now providing such services. Many even provide royalty free music tracks which too can be taken up as your message. If there is a particular song which talks about your business or depicts your service, then now it is not a big deal. Most of the firms only write the scripts and are given to the voice over artists. In case you have an artist, then give the taped message and al the required arrangements will be made. Messages on hold are now catching up and are a creative way of making use of your customers’ time.

You will not just be waiting on the line but will get educated as well as entertained by this service. If a particular season or a big event is around the corner then you can edit your messages on hold and make it all the more attractive. Wises and greetings elevate the mood of your customer and will work positively for you.  An interactive voice response is the choice of most firms. Here as per the requirements the process takes place. These are preferred over messages on hold, as they can save the time of the customer. One should always keep the messages always short and clear.


Author bio:- Tom Clark is a well known author has been writing articles on various mobile services. For more information click to this link on hold messages .