Oh, No! Your Internet History’s History!

You accidentally cleared your browsing history and you can’t remember the last website you visited – the one website that can help you with the kind of sales pitch that your boss is expecting from you.


You’ve searched high and low for the website, and you’ve also tried every trick that you know to retrieve your internet history – all to no avail.


Okay, no need to be overly dramatic so you can forget about jumping out the window and concentrate instead on retrieving your browsing history – at least, the most recent ones.


How to Recover Internet History


So you’re wondering how on earth you can get your browsing history back at the quickest time possible. Well, here’s how to recover internet history even after clearing it in a jiffy: System Restore.


This option can pretty much address the most basic issues about your computer system, i.e. virus attack, lost passwords and deleted browsing history.


If you want to recover a lost file, your system is suddenly acting out and you want it to run smoothly again, or you basically just want your old, reliable OS status back; System Restore is the way to go.


Using System Restore to Recover Data


If you are not familiar with this option then chances are, you don’t know where in your computer you can find it. Go to your Start Menu and then click on All Programs and then Accessories. When you get to Accessories, you will be given several links to various programs stored here.


Look for System Tools, which is usually at the bottom part of the drop down menu. Move your cursor over System Tools and click. You will then be given another set of options. This time, look for System Restore at the lower end of the list.


When you click on System Restore, you will be asked to choose a restoration point. Generally, you will be given several restoration points.


The restoration points will show the date and time where your system will be taken back to. This can help you estimate the date or time of the internet history that you want to retrieve.


Once you’ve picked your restoration point, the program will start the process of putting your system, including all files, back to a past date. In a word, your system will do a bit of time traveling and go back to the past.


Note: During this process, your computer screen may suddenly shutdown. Not to worry, this is normal with System Restore. Once the process has been completed, your PC will automatically restart for the changes to take full effect.


If a particular restoration point does not give you what you want, you can repeat the entire process all over again but this time, with a different restoration point.


Now, if you are worried that you will never get your old system status back – that point before you started System Restore – you will be happy to know that the process is completely reversible.


In the event that the System Restore did not help at all and you want to go back to your original system status, you can click on the undo link and your system will revert back to its status before your last restoration.


You will be asked to confirm the undo process upon which, the program will do its magic and take you back to your old self; so to speak.


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Boman Rustom Irani