Nokia Reported to Place a 41-megapixel Camera on a New Windows Phone

Waiting for a smartphone with more than just a 13-megapixel camera? Well, it seems like your wait may be over. According to reports, Nokia is planning on releasing a phone equipped with a monstrous 41-megapixel camera. And the Finnish mobile phone maker is planning to put it on a Windows 8 smartphone.

Goodbye Digital Cams?

The dominance of camera phones in the market has prompted a huge decline in the sales of digital cameras. But if the rumors about a 41-megapixel Nokia Windows Phone are true, the future of digital cameras may very well be bleak.
Imagine owning a smartphone that not only lets you manage your virtual office anywhere and anytime, but also allows you to take very crisp images and videos. The idea of being able to take high quality photos will prove to be irresistible to many, especially with the popularity of image-driven apps and pages like Pinterest and photo-sharing sites like Instagram.

Goodbye Editing and Filtering?nokia

Most smartphones today are armed with 5 to 8-megapixel camera phones. Because of this, photos taken are understandably average in quality. That’s why most smartphone owners install apps that allow them to edit and apply filters to photos and somehow cover up the weaknesses and imperfections in the image before posting, uploading, and sharing online. But with a 41-megapixel camera, editing and filtering photos will no longer be required. And Nokia is no stranger to powerful cameras included in their phones.

Take the Nokia 808 PureView phone as example. Nokia 808’s camera comes with a staggering 41-megapixel sensor, making it capable of capturing crystal-clear images, high-definition videos, and crisp sounds. The camera is so powerful that the company was able to produce an advertisement shot entirely with the Nokia 808 PureView itself. The only downside to it is that it runs on the outdated Symbian OS. Nevertheless, many were pleased with it.

Then the Nokia Lumia 920 came out. It’s a phone furnished with a mere 8.7-megapixel camera. Its camera is no monster like the 808 PureView but the thing about it that gives it a slight edge over the Nokia 808 Pureview is its Windows 8 OS. It’s the latest OS from Microsoft and a definitely much better OS than Symbian.

EOS = PureView 808 + Lumia 920?

Reports say that the new smartphone from Nokia (code named Project EOS) will a better version of the Lumia 920 for reasons that it’s packed with the monstrous 41-megapixel PureView camera. Reports further claim that the EOS will have square aluminum body instead of the usual polycarbonate.

Although rumors of such a high-end Nokia Lumia 920 are already circulating the web, Nokia is still keeping mum about it, saying that the company doesn’t want to comment on mere speculations. But if Nokia was really to release this beast of a smartphone, it may well be a possible threat to RIM’s BlackBerry 10.