New Apps Aim to Make Buying a Used Car Smooth

car_appsA few years back, it was almost impossible to think that apps and software will help you within automotive industry. But, it’s time for revolution. Developers have done it. There are a few apps which help both sellers and buyers but since I am a consumer so I would talk about a few apps that may help you decide a better price for used cars.

People in the USA are thinking of purchasing some sort of used cars can go to take help from a couple of fresh smartphone programs (apps) that include wholesale prices etc  and this app manufacturers declare that this may help these people negotiate a better offer.

The actual apps provide at wholesale prices, or perhaps auction worth, of your car when looking at your vehicle’s verification identification number (VIN), which is located on the car’s dashboard or driver side door. This is quick.

“Dealers really prey on consumers,” said Alexander Kiss, co-founder of New York-based company Green Sky Labs, creators of the Vinny iPhone app.  And this is true as if there are no consumers then you have nothing to do.

“For example, if a dealer has a $10,000 sticker price on the car, we can show you that the wholesale price on that car is $8,000 and that there’s some negotiating room.”  This is how the business works. Visit Toyota Place to know the difference of dealer price and wholesale price.

A study report by Ken Research, a market research company, said that in the United States the average markup on a used car is nearly 14 percent, and two percent for a new car.


The free Vinny app gives an estimated wholesale price based on transaction prices and the car’s condition, age, mileage and other factors. It saves lot of your time and you need to look into these things. Everything is accurate and you can get an idea about pricing. Again, there is possibility of negotiation with the dealers.

In addition, it gives the car’s requirements along with full price and book prices from businesses including Kelly Blue Book and National Auto Dealer’s Organization, and similar cars for sale in AutoTrader and on eBay.

SnafuScan, the app from Innovative Industries, a revolutionary marketing firm, offers almost accurate whole sale value for utilized vehicles. Dennis Miller, the company’s CEO, said the price was accurate to within $100 to $300 which I think is almost accurate.

SnafuScan, which mostly supports iPhones and Androids, estimates dealer’s cost based on 5 years of transaction history and other factors such as age, vehicle description, inflation, inventory etc.

The app is is not that costly. It costs around USD 9.99 for a 30 days subscription. However, this may help with other things too like you can get tips on how to find problems with a car that can be masked by dealers, such as issues with engine lights, head gaskets or air conditioning or security issues.

Currently, this program only supports in the USA but they are thinking to market it over Canada and Europe soon. People from the UK seem to be very interested in this.

In the United States, wholesale price information is available through car auction marketplaces, such as Manheim, but it is typically only accessible to dealers. But I think that such apps will help buyers determine a better price and wise choice.

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