Negative Effects of Social Media Postings


People enjoy posting their activities in social media so much. It seems that everything that people get themselves into nowadays gives them the privilege to share whatever they encounter in their lives. It’s so easy to share whatever experience you go through especially the exciting and happy ones. You can just take a digital snapshot of it and upload it. To think that social media has become so easy to access even on smartphones that also doubles as your business phone, the itch to do so becomes even harder to ignore. Such postings however, can impact emotionally in a person’s online social circle without you really knowing about it.

A study recently conducted by Humboldt University and Technical University in Darmstadt, Germany reveals that happy posts from people can make those in your social media circle of friends feel miserable instead. When they see a new love in your life, the people in your group get jealous. Seeing that you’re having a good time all the time makes them feel even more miserable.

Cause of Depression

Social networking sites sometimes make people who see positive postings from friends and strangers feel depressed. The same psychological state happens when friends post a picture of a child who needs financial help or an animal that has been brutally abused by his/her master. The intention of the sharer is to flood information on social media with a view to helping someone or making everyone in the group become aware of what’s happening around them. The effects of such a posting, however, may not have the same impact with the friends and relatives who happen to be in your friend list and can see what’s posted on your wall. Instead of feeling the urgency to help, they become depressed.

Cause of Dissatisfaction

People by nature compare themselves with others. It is part of human nature to take a look at what you have and then compare it with what someone has no matter if it’s the same thing. Social media users are often guilty of this when they check out the postings that their friends make. They see a new dish that their friends enjoy in a plush restaurant. They view the new places that their friends visit. They see pictures of their friends having fun.

Instead of feeling happy likewise for what their online friends are going through, however, these simple snapshots that people innocently share only succeed in creating a feeling of dissatisfaction.  That of seeing themselves as being less successful than their friends. As a result, they become so aloof as to not make further personal status postings and just content themselves with being browsers of other people’s postings. The Chicago Tribune also points out that those who just browse without posting anything are the most dissatisfied ones.

Cause of Low Self-esteem

People can get emotionally high when it comes to checking out friends in their social circle. Sometimes, comparing the number of likes and greetings that one gets may make some people get upset for no apparent reason. Greeting someone on his or her birthday may come naturally to everyone. But to some people who can be too sensitive about you absent-mindedly forgetting about such a special event, they get secretly resentful of their own friends with whom they interact online.

Comparing yourself with others can motivate you to do better and be a better person when you choose to be levelheaded about it. With social media postings that actually require you to play nice, feelings of resentment you might have about how online friends enjoy themselves reveal that side of you that you need to improve. A better sense of self-esteem allows you to feel positively for others and yourself, either personally or online.

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