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The more complex the smartphones got, the more vulnerable they became. While some platforms are offering a higher level of security than other – for instance, iOS is much more difficult to compromise than Android, due to the strict app control of the former and the open nature of the later, every mobile device is susceptible to different kinds of intrusion. Seeing that you have a ton of personal information on your phone, your pictures, contacts, emails and the like, and that some people are using their mobile devices for different financial transactions, making sure that your device is safe from intrusions, even if you lose it or steal it, can only be a good thing. The apps that we have listed should help you do just that.

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QR codes became a fairly prominent and frequent way of giving you access to different sites (among other things). However, seeing that you can’t actually see the URL that you are to follow after scanning a QR, you are running the risk of being unknowingly taken to a site with malicious content. This handy app for iOS allows you to see the URL before following it, so you can check it out and make sure that you are not being led into a trap. The app also has the option of running the link through the database of potentially harmful websites and notifying you if it finds the website on the list.


A great Android app that tries to ensure that the platform’s vulnerabilities are as difficult to exploit as possible. This app offers a more or less comprehensive security package by giving you the ability to enable active malware protection, scan your attachments or existing files for attempts of intrusion, assess the network you are using, back up your data, as well as inform you on the location of your phone if you misplace it or it gets stolen. In that event, you can also remotely lock or format your phone, preventing anyone from gaining access to your data.


This app is intended for people who really want their data to be safe behind a wall of various authentications. You can protect your data and app access with swipe patterns, security questions or simply good old passwords, so that no can access your information even if they do get a hold of your phone. This Android app is completely free, and it will help bring you peace of mind.


In case that you are worried that your conversations are being listened to by third parties, Kryptos may be just the right app for your iPhone. It uses the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to provide voice over protection for any calls that you may be making or receiving. While the app itself is completely free, the subscription will cost you $10 a month, but the security that the app offers is well worth the price if you often find yourself discussing sensitive matters.

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