Must-Have Gadgets for an Eco-Friendly Home


Global warming and climate change have started to show just how devastating the consequences of pollution can be. Luckily, people around the globe are becoming more environmentally and eco-friendly, which means it’s not too late to fix things. Individuals, small business and even some corporations are starting to go green in an effort to save our planet from contamination.

So how can you help the environment? The best way to start is to make your home more eco-friendly. That way, you’re not just helping the environment, but also saving a lot of money on utility bills and energy consumption. Nowadays, there are many ways to make your home more green. Therefore, here are a few must-have gadgets that will help you turn your home into an eco-friendly one.

Solar charge your phone

Everyone has a smartphone these days because they’re convenient and useful to have around. But we all know that batteries on those things don’t last very long. Instead of plugging in your phone every time the battery goes down, you can simply use a solar charger to recharge your batteries. Solar charges, as their name suggests, use solar power to produce energy.

Not only that you can charge your phone, but also your other mobile devices, such as a tablet or a laptop. That way, you can use the power of the sun that’s free and green and you won’t have to waste energy or spike your electricity bill every time you need a recharge. Also, these chargers are portable, which means you can use them wherever you go and not just in your home.

Green lighting


Not really a gadget per se, but light emitting diodes (LED) will really “green up” your home. Compared to the old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs, LED consume up to 80% less energy and can last up to 25 times longer. These energy-efficient bulbs will save you a lot of money on energy bills, and less energy consumption is always good for the environment.

Some of these light bulbs were even turned into gadgets, like The Easybulb plus. These smart 9 Watt multicolor bulbs can last up to 25 years, they allow you to control lighting, such as turning them on/off, dimming lights, voice control and more, via an app on your phone. Heck, they can even turn on when you get notifications on your phone if you want them to.

Automation for your green home

Automated systems are the way to go if you really want to make your home eco-friendly and implement a green lifestyle. These systems allow you to apply security, light control and most importantly they help you monitor energy consumption of all the appliances in your smart home. To find out which system is the most suitable for you, reach out to reputable CBus installers.

It also connects to various electrical, electronic as well as smart devices in your home making it smarter and more eco-friendly. That way you can also monitor how much energy your household items consume, allowing you to identify which items could be replaced with the more energy-efficient ones.

Efficient lawn irrigation

If you’re living in a house, chances are that you also have a lawn; and those of you who do, already know just how high water bills can get, especially if spend too much on watering it. There is an efficient way to maintain your lawn in pitch-perfect state, while saving money on water bills. Smart sprinkler systems can greatly help you out. They are designed to effectively distribute water to your lawn and you can monitor water usage from your phone.

In addition, these systems can use geo-locating to gather data about the upcoming weather in your area and synchronize their working schedule accordingly. Moreover, they can be paired with a security system that can detect fire in your home and turn on automatically to prevent the fire from spreading further.

There are various gadgets that can help you make your home more eco-friendly, but the thing that really helps the environment is your mindset. The fact that you’re willing to make an effort to green up your home helps the environment immensely.