Move your company into the future with VoIP phone services

If your company makes use of social media to reach more customers now that IT has become a great way to expand your company’s marketing reach, then you should consider acquiring VoIP phone services. Depending on how your business has evolved with the leaps of technology, replacing or supplementing a landline phone system is the choice before you.

Either way, VoIP services are going to play a big part in how your company grows in today’s digital age. Whether you want to take advantage of internet telephony or be left to a traditional way of getting customers is completely up to you. You may be a skeptic at first, but service providers like RingCentral always offer helpful tips and ways for traditional SMEs and startups to understand what they can do for the company.

Here are some things that make VoIP-based telephony a great alternative or supplement to small and medium enterprises:

1. You get a phone line that’s cheap to maintain.

For a fee of just $20 a month, you can have a phone that works on your computers. You don’t need any additional equipment aside from your IT infrastructure. Just download the right programs from the service provider and you can get started.

2. You get a full suite of features.

When you subscribe to an internet telephony service, you don’t have to add incremental fees for each additional feature. A basic phone package usually comes with caller ID, call waiting, call filtering, voice mail, musical waiting tones and ring back tones.

3. Additional premium features are always relatively cheaper.

When compared with landline company fees, any other feature that isn’t covered by the basic phone package has flexible payment terms or is much cheaper in general. Toll free numbers can be acquired at a flat rate each month or at lower per-minute fees. You can actually send and receive faxes through your computer and the internet for as low as $7 a month without the need to print every single fax. You can get a PBX without the large initial investment.

4. You can always try it out first.

A great thing about internet telephony is that service providers let you try it out for free before asking you to pay for anything. Keep in mind that you may need to provide credit card information before you get access to the free trial. You only get charged for the usage when you exceed the trial period. Some service providers let you try their capabilities out for 15 days while RingCentral lets you undergo a 30 day trial period.

5. You work with phone accounts, not actual devices.

Again, thanks to the flexibility of the internet, you can actually receive calls from the same number at the office or in your home. You simply have to log on to your account from the same software you have at the office and it’s like you’re calling and receiving calls at company headquarters, isn’t that neat?