More Fun Ways to Play Real Racing 3

Aside from performing communication actions, Smartphones are also used for entertainment. It could be listening to music, watching movies or playing video games. In recent years, there has been a continuous development of game apps that can satisfy the game savvy Smartphone users. Today, among the most popular is Real Racing 3 which is designed for Android and Apple devices. This is the latest version which includes notifiers and stats leaderboards. With the notifiers, players will be informed about new race events you can conquer and friends who are online.


For sure, it is really fun to play the game. But there are also other ways that can make playing the game even more fun. Read on below to know more about these:

Creating Your Own Controls

Unlike other racing game apps, there are several ways by which you can play Real Racing 3. You can find out more about this by checking the Controls menu. The Controls menu gives players different options. For example, they can choose between tilt and touch controls. This is great as players have different ways of controlling the car. Some are comfortable with tilting while others prefer touching. In addition, they can also change the driving assists. In this way, they can have more grip on the controls which can help them win the every game.

However, if you are looking for more challenge you can choose to disable the assists. This is also done in the Controls menu. For different driving experiences, you have the option to tap the Camera button. When it comes to Settings, you can switch between metric and imperial. If you want to reverse, you just have to press and hold the brake. Lastly, you can have a closer look by pressing the Zoom option on the Main Menu. With these, players are given more possibilities to enjoy and play the game.

Explore Race Events

Aside from the Controls, players can enjoy the game by exploring race events. You have to check the Main Menu to find out more about what is something new on the events list. Usually, you can find new exciting events where you can compete and show your good racing abilities. For every car, there is a series of events where it is featured. So, when you purchase a car, you automatically have access to all of the events where it is featured. There is a type of event called showcase events. For this type, the game requires players to purchase a specific type of car for them to join the competition. Therefore, if you want to join as many competitions as you like you have to purchase more cars. There is always a new series and you have to buy a car to gain access in the competition.

For you to have more chances of winning, it is recommended that you upgrade your car or cars. In this way, it can last longer and can withstand challenging competitions.

Very clearly, there are more fun ways to play Real Racing 3. Aside from game savvy individuals, business people can also take time to play the game to do away with the stresses from work. In this way, they don’t just use their mobile devices to access RingCentral phone services. They can also use it to play games.

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