Mobile Apps: The Harbinger of New Age Event Management

There is no denying the fact that smart-phones and tabs are here to rule and redefine the mode of communication. In fact, smart-phones and tabs are basically high-powerful, ultra-portable computers that can call as well. Two thirds of new cell phone buyers now opt for smart-phones and majority of them pick either iOS or Android as their preferred operating system. Both iOS and Android offer thousands of applications and thanks to 3G/4G/Wi-Fi, those apps can be accessed from anywhere.

event managementThanks to the tons of apps, the way people now experience events is a lot more different than what it was a few years ago. These days, every reputed event management company builds its own application and encourage delegates and ticket buyers to download the app for a better experience. Let’s try to understand how the third party and an event management company’s own app are revolutionizing events forever.

# Every word spoken gets heard: Suppose you have organized a business seminar and a renowned businessman is giving his speech in front of 500 spectators. Most of the spectators have smart-phones and thus, it is easy to guess what they will do. They will share the key lines via tweeter, share the photos on Instagram and use various other apps to spread the speaker’s words to the global audience.

# Attendees become your ambassadors: “Word of mouth” is the best form of advertisement. When ticket buyers recommend an event as “must watch” to their friends and family members on Facebook/Twitter/Google+/Pinterest, you see a significant increase in ticket sales. There are lots of camera apps that let people capture and share photos immediately. So, if you are managing a concert or any other live performance for a couple of nights, the opening night snaps and messages, shared by the attendees, can work much better than any paid advertisement.

Now, let us focus on the benefits provided by native event management applications, developed by an event management company. With the help of an optimized app for iOS and Android, you can establish a closer relationship with the people important for the events and serve both delegates and ticket buyers professionally.

# Cost-effective content strategy: Content sharing has become an easier job than before as you don’t need to print anything or distribute the content manually. There is no need to print booklets or posters to inform people about the schedule of the next few days. Now, you can deliver the content at the fingertip of all ticket buyers at the same time via your mobile app. For example, at the end of the day, you can post some content headlining “highlights” and “things you must watch tomorrow”. People can check the content immediately and that too from anywhere.

# Blazing fast communication: Timely information can save you from disgrace sometimes. Suppose the speaker at your event informs you that he is stuck in a traffic jam and may reach the venue 2 hours late. You can send a notification to the event attendees via the app so that they don’t get angry. Tell them the new schedule and apologize politely. You can also post the news across social media sites so that people using Facebook/Twitter/G+ on their phones/tabs get the news immediately.

# Helping sponsors: A custom event app helps event sponsors interact with customers constantly. They can post pop up ads, banners in the application and allow users to visit their website directly. Thus, you can charge more money from sponsors and increase your profit margin. They will pay happily, because you are allowing them to advertise not only at the venue, but in the virtual platform as well.

# Great metrics: The event app helps you become a better event manager as it produces some useful data. Once the event is over, you can view whose speech was most read, which session was most popular and what type of images were most shared by attendees on social media websites.

Event management is a challenging job and mobile apps are the best weapons in your arsenal. They help you spread the news, gather feedback and more importantly, improve the overall experience of event attendees, speakers and sponsors dramatically.


Author Bio:- Monik Makadiya is associated with iVvy, a leading software event management company that is revolutionizing the way events are managed. Ivvy offers a suite of software for event managers that simplifies and automates most of the tasks associated with managing events. Connect with Monik on Twitter @painstakingMM.

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