MiniBeam Projector – Does It Live Up to the Hype?

LG’s MiniBeam projector is a must-have tool for all creative digital artists, business people, and cinephiles out there. MiniBeam projector is a compact and light device with retro look that offers hours of fun to every user. Is MiniBeam projector a good investment? Will it improve your experience of watching movies, digital designing etc? Keep reading to find out.

What is MiniBeam projector?

MiniBeam is a high quality LED projector made by LG. Device is characterized by compact dimensions; it can fit perfectly on palm of your hand. Also, projector has that 1950s movie camera retro look. The primary aim of engineers who designed MiniBeam was to create a device that will provide unforgettable experience to all its users even when they aren’t home. Due to its tiny dimensions, you can pack it with the rest of your luggage and take to business trip or vacation. It can even fit in an average purse without weighing it down or taking up too much space.

Key features

  • Resolution – MiniBeam projectors have the WXGA 1280 x 800 resolution. WXGA stands for wide XGA and the term is used to describe screen that is appropriate for business and watching DVDs or movies at home. This device projects a crystal clear picture that allows you to see all (even the smallest) details on the screen, together with vibrant colors. Most of the resolutions are similar to that of  latest popular android smartphones.
  • Dimensions – with dimensions of 2.36” x 4.92” x 4.92” MiniBeam projector can be taken anywhere. You can enjoy watching a movie even when you’re not at your home e.g. camping. It weighs about 1 pound and unlike many other projectors you don’t need a long and heavy power brick whenever you want to use it.
  • Long-lasting LED – unlike conventional lamp-based projectors, MiniBeam has a long-lasting LED lamp that is built for extended life for 30,000 hours, or 4 hours of daily entertainment for the next 20 years. LED lamp is environmentally friendly. It doesn’t have mercury and the best thing of all; it uses less electricity than conventional lamps.  MiniBeam’s LED lamp achieves maximum brightness in less than 5 seconds which adds to device’s practicality.
  • External battery – allows you to watch movie, play a game, or have a business presentation even when a wall outlet isn’t available. MiniBeam includes two distinct cradles. The first cradle acts as a battery that other projectors don’t have. The second cradle acts as a tripod which is another great feature of this device. For example, you want to watch a movie from your bed. With some other projector you would have to make certain adjustments and waste your time. MiniBeam makes things easier, you just mount it on the cradle and project your movie on the wall or ceiling, and that’s it. According to manufacturer, device should be charged for 3 hours, and you get about 2 to 2.5 hours of fun without electric cords etc.
  • Connectivity – with MiniBeam projector, there is no hassle with cables. Due to HDMI it’s easy to connect and integrate all digital systems, including games and cable/satellite boxes. Device includes built-in digital TV tuner which turns your living room wall into a cinema screen that takes watching your favorite TV show to a whole new level. Wi-Fi certified Miracast lets you mirror files from smartphones, tablets, and other devices without wires. Gamers can have an unforgettable experience and enjoy hours of flawless game play by plugging into one of projector’s customizable ports.
  • Speakers – when you look at this compact device it is difficult to imagine engineers, actually, found enough space to include speakers into the projector. With built-in 3W speakers the projector provides crisp sound, this is perfect when you’re not at home and still want to watch a movie, video, play a game as well. Naturally, you can plug it into conventional speakers too and get even better audio quality.

Who can use this device?

The greatest benefit of MiniBeam projector is its practicality and versatility. Everyone can use this device and have hours of fun. For example:

  • Projector on business meeting
  • Game night with friends
  • Movie night with friends
  • Watching vacation or wedding photos
  • Graphic design
  • Creating a nice setting during garden party etc, basically, MiniBeam fits into everyone’s life perfectly with its versatile nature and ease of use.

The best thing of all, you just have to place it on your coffee table and start device. There is no need to clear anything off to get a perfect picture. Authentic viewing experience is, also, supported by the brightness of 500 ANSI lumens and 100-inch class screen.


The item is a perfect combination of a new technology coupled with retro design. The greatest advantage of this projector is the versatility, you’re able to use it for many different purposes and enjoy every experience. It can be safely said; with this tiny projector you get a large TV that can also display your vacation photos, and business presentations.


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