Man Up: 5 Pinterest Boards Run by Guys

Quick question: do you have guy friends who actively pin stuff on Pinterest? If you don’t, that’s understandable. After all, it’s not exactly a secret that Pinterest is a female domain. Still, for a site that’s geared toward women, it’s interesting that the minority (read: folks of the male persuasion) don’t seem to mind that they’re outnumbered. In fact, some Pinterest boards run by guys actually have an impressive following, proving perhaps that it’s really not quantity that matters but quality, at least in terms of content. With that said, let’s take a look at the top pin boards managed by dudes (okay, gents!) and see what they have going for them beyond the novelty of men rocking it out in a predominantly “woman’s world.”pinterest_logo_redOlivier Blanchard

Social Media ROI author Olivier Blanchard currently has 53 Pinterest boards. He has boards for fashion, business, typical “man stuff” (e.g. cars, bikes, sexy women, etc.), humor, and so on. As a pinner, he’s following around a thousand boards and is followed by 5,604 Pinterest users. Blanchard’s day job in his own words involves: helping companies “develop, build, integrate, manage and measure social media programs, manage their reputation online and offline, and develop sustainable brands in an increasingly complex media landscape.” He blogs at

Drew Hawkins

Do yourself a favor right now and check out Board of Man, a Pinterest board that aims to “add a few extra y chromosomes” to the popular image sharing site. Right now, Board of Man has 226,395 followers, which just goes to show that testosterone-laden pinboards are able to stand out even on a network that caters to women. This popular board is founded and curated by Drew Hawkins, a digital and social media director at The DeMoss Group. Along with a group of friends, Hawkins tries to extend Board of Man’s influence by allowing any Pinterest user to give suggestions just by tagging their pins with the hashtag #menofpinterest. Hawkins and partners will then check the tagged pins and see if these are good enough to be re-pinned on Board of Man.

Hansol Kim

If there’s one Pinterest user who makes us feel ashamed about our selfies, it would have to be Hansol Kim, a photographer who maintains 80 boards and has 1,618,064 followers. Kim, who favors beautiful photographs from all over the web, also has boards for the technical aspects of photography including poses, movements, lighting, texture, color, and so on. Needless to say, Hansol Kim’s pins transcend the “pure dude” barrier, simply because even non-fans of all that photography stuff will find something pretty to look at when they browse Kim’s boards.

Eric Grant

Compared to Blanchard, Hawkins, and Kim, Eric Grant only has a handful of followers (if you could call 1,731 a handful); but that doesn’t mean that his boards don’t have a lot of great pins. In fact, his Mobile Design and UI boards offer content that even experts in specific fields such as voip providers, app developers, graphic designers, digital marketing teams, etc. would do well to take note of. Grant, who specializes in mobile and interactive design, brand strategy, gesture-based interfaces, just to mention a few, is the Creative Director of the Razorfish Emerging Experiences Group.

Jeremy Pruitt

Not to be confused with Florida State Seminoles football team’s defensive coordinator, who has the same name, Jeremy Pruitt is an artist slash designer slash junker known for his posters, logos, icons, shirts, labels, and more, which he sells on THINKMULE. On Pinterest, Pruitt manages 47 boards including Typography, Art + Illustration, Wood Shop, Record Labels, Paper Play, and so on. He has around 25,000 pins and almost 50,000 followers.