Malicious Flash Player lodges malware on Android Phone

People who use Adobe Flash players should be warned regarding a website that pledges a free of cost download which isn’t just a download. The website is apparently planting malware on smart phones functioning on Google’s mobile operating system. The affected web page that was actually giving out malware was revealed in some Russian domains according to Karla Agregado who is a fraud analyst with Trend Micro. A similar method came out just last month to target Android phones with fake and malicious copies of Instagram and Angry Birds.

Truly a clever trick by the malicious minds behind this as Angry Birds and Instagram are a few of the popular apps in the Android market. Coming back to the infected site, Agregado went through the whole process of going over how exactly does the malware enter the phone after just a click.

When the cell phone user chooses to download, a link is established to another site without the user even knowing. That connection basically sends infected APK file to the mobile web surfer’s smart phone. Once on the phone, the infected software begins to deliver text messages to premium numbers. Among cybercriminals, this trick is the most common and popular one when it comes to Android phones. Symantec approximated in its most recent yearly threat report that in 2011, 18% of all the mobile risks in that year had something to do with premium SMS messages from infected phones.

Infected spyware that delivers premium SMS can actually go on to pay about ten dollars for every single text and the cell phone user, if they are not closely following their phone bill, could end up paying the cyber villain so much more money.
Agregado stated that she pointed out many URLS hosted on identical IP address as the malicious website. She stated that seeing just how these website are named and the pattern of the URLs, it is very obvious that Android is the chosen target for the cybercriminals behind this plan.

Cell phone risks are progressing and that is pretty obvious as they have increased 93% in 2011 since last year. This scary piece of data was stated by John Harrison who is the Symantec group product manager for endpoint threat protection and security technology and response. He stated that the malware authors will keep on looking for tactics and methods to make these threats more efficient and more profitable as well.

Even though many people think mobile hazards aren’t as horrible as desktop dangers but according to Harrison, this trend is increasing and no one knows when it turns out to be horrible. People are starting to look into mobile security as they once used to be concerned about laptops and computers.

With the advent of smart phones and tablets, people tend to do all their surfing and network sharing on these devices along with desktops or laptops. Many people have crucial data saved in their phone and go on to manage their personal, professional and financial life on these devices. Spyware software is now available by companies like Mobistealth and Flexispy to be installed in the phone. Once installed in the phone, this software functions to report all the things done on or through the phone. With the GPS tracking feature, a misplaced or stolen phone can be located easily.

As aforementioned that Android phones are a special target for cybercriminals, Android is also compatible with spyware applications. Along with installing spyware, cell phone users can be more alert by reviewing the publisher and reviews of an app before they wish to install it in their computer.

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