Live Leap Review – An Expansion of Facebook Live

Facebook Live has considerably expanded the Facebook network into new and unchallenged horizons. The ability to communicate with followers through a live video camera display will definitely dwarf the text content market as it is the visual content that really matters to viewers nowadays. Despite a great job done by the Facebook team, there are still some limitations that have been overlooked. No worries, for Live Leap has become an instant solution to give your Facebook Live experience a massive boost. Check out the Live Leap review below:

Live Leap – To Buy or not to Buy?

That is the question, isn’t it? What has Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison (creators of Live Leap) offered that will be a boon to the Facebook Live feature. In one simple word: Platform Compatibility!! That’s right; Facebook Live is only activated to followers of the same platform therefore minimizing your potential to reach out to a more lush audience. Using Live Leap allows the syncing of the live feed to multiple platforms at one go. Whether they are profile pages, groups or pages, the video feed will be available for a much larger audience than it was before.

Advantages to Live Leap

Majority if the Facebook Live users use this exceptional feature to contact with their followers and conduct seminars and chats on various topics. It is actually the bread and butter of great entrepreneurs and tech geniuses in the world. Now they can achieve a versatile amount of viewership through connecting to not only Facebook but syncing that feed to platforms like Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts. This provides with a gigantic level of expansion that is quite beneficial in this line of work. Keep your interaction with different audiences at all times with Live Leap.

Expert Fame Endorses Live Leap

  1. Brian Rose’s membership site has become useful for internet marketers to understand the usage of technology. An Expert Fame review has given Live Leap an endorsement due to its simplicity and reach ability. Few other portals allow for such level of connections that will highlight the workings and information given by any one feed to literally millions in Live Mode. All types of campaigns and tutorials can be available to different portals and provide more audience than just the Facebook viewers.

Don’t forget to add this to your Live streaming arsenal as you will greatly benefit from this Facebook Live enhancement feature.