5 Common Link Building Mistakes

Link Building MistakesLink Building is one of the biggest useful factor of Off-page techniques, I am not going to discuss about effectiveness of the link building here today or rather going to teach the ways to do link building for the websites as everyone one knows the ways and the importance about link building practices. I will here highlight that how wrong link building strategy can affect any website.

Normally people adopt link building strategies in order to improve website ranking and visibility in search engines but the improper or bad ways of link building strategy could lead any website’s ranking damage in search engines.

Most Common Link Building Mistakes:

Using Same Anchor Text:  Most of the people use the similar anchor text for link building strategy, which is the bad approach. Search engines consider these practices as a deliberate manipulation for any particular keyword in search behavior.

Suggestion: use the variety/different keywords, using combinations of multi-keyword or long tail keywords are the best practices for link building strategy.


Loads of Back links in Short Period of Time: Does it make sense having thousand of backlinks for any newbie websites within a month? Obviously not, search engines doesn’t like this approach of link building as this is disturbing the search behavior of search engines and treating it as a spam which could lead a bad impact of your website’s ranking.

Suggestion: always keep the reasonable distance or gap while getting links back to your website according to the age of that particular website.  Normal practices are for link building for new websites are 15-20 links within a day and 30-35 links per day for established website and so on…


Bunch of Links from Single Website:  Avoiding getting bunch of links from same website as it shows you are getting links from your own website deliberately to improve your ranking but actually you are damaging your websites ranking in the eyes of search engines.

Suggestion: Link Building approach should look natural both for search engines along with users also. Always try to get links from different domains rather depending on any single website.


Say Big NO to Link Exchange: Exchanging links won’t help you to get PR or ranking juice rather this could damage your ranking as search engines doesn’t like reciprocal links.


Quality is better than Quantity: Always try to get links from quality websites. Don’t you know what quality websites are? The websites having heavy relevant back links, great number of pages and healthy PR are worthy websites to have links from rather going for thousand of links from low or poor quality websites it’s better to have few back links from quality websites.

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