Learning About the Genesys Certification Programs

imagesGenesys is a company that focuses on good customer service. They make it their mission to “save the world from bad customer service” because it is their belief that businesses need good customer relations to keep up with the demands of today’s consumers and survive in these times. In a way, that is correct, as being in good relations with the customer will mean positive feedback from them. Genesys seeks to accomplish that by working with their customers to deliver the service the customer wants. Their services branch out to different areas relating to customer service: Contact Centers and IVR, WFO & Performance Management, Web Customer Service, Work Streams, Mobile Customer Care, Enterprise Extensions, Social Customer Service and Cloud. All this to keep the enterprising business ahead in the customer service game.

The Genesys certification programs

As part of their mission to deliver the best in customer service, Genesys offers a plethora of certification exams, all under the Genesys Certified Professional Program. This program is divided into two sets, or “versions”, namely Version 7 and Version 8, with each version having a large number of exams. To prepare for these exams, you will have to attend the preparatory tracks that correspond to the exam of your choice. The following are the Version 7 certification exams, under GCP7:

  • System Consultant, Inbound Voice(GCP7-CIV)
  • Developer, Inbound Voice Routing(GCP7-DIV)
  • System Consultant, Genesys Voice Platform(GCP7-CVP)
  • System Consultant, Genesys Info Mart(GCP7-CGIM)
  • Scheduler/Planner, Workforce Management(GCP7-SWFM)
  • System Consultant, Workforce Management(GCP7-CWFM)
  • System Consultant, Genesys SIP Server(GCP7-CSIP)
  • System Consultant, Genesys Outbound Voice(GCP7-COV)
  • System Consultant, Genesys iWD Solution(GCP7-CiWD)

Version 8 has the following under GCP8:

  • System Consultant, Inbound Voice(GCP8-CIV)
  • System Consultant, Voice Platform(GCP8-CVP)
  • System Consultant, Genesys Info Mart(GCP8-CGIM)
  • System Consultant, Genesys Workforce Management(GCP8-GWFM)
  • System Consultant, Genesys SIP Server(GCP8-CSIP)
  • System Consultant, Outbound Voice(GCP8-COV)
  • System Consultant, iWD Solution(GCP8-CIWD)

Each exam has details inside that tell you more about it in their site. These details include a basic description of what the exam is all about, recommended preparatory tracks for that exam(and the links that lead to them), the prerequisite courses needed to take that exam, if applicable, and the topics and skill sets pertaining to that exam. You can also find a study guide for that exam, which you can download. Genesys encourages all to review all the exams and their study guides before deciding on what exam to take, as these exams will test the candidates in terms of course work and hands-on experience.

Registering for an exam

To register for an exam, you will have to follow a series of steps.

  1. Contact your nearest local Genesys Training Center to prepay and receive an exam voucher code.
  2. Visit the Prometric website and click “Start”.
  3. Select “Schedule An Appointment”, then “Next”
  4. Select your country and state or province if they ask you, then “Next”.
  5. Confirm “Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories”, then “Next”.
  6. Review the welcome page, then “Next” when you are done.
  7. Select the exam you want to take, then “Next”.
  8. Choose the exam site you want to take your test in.
  9. You will then be asked to log-in. Log in with your account or create a new profile as a New User.
  10. Choose the date and time for when you want to take the exam, then “Next”.
  11. Choose the “Voucher” as your discount type.
  12. Enter the code in your exam voucher, then “Validate”.
  13. You will be shown a summary of your enrollment. Review and confirm everything you need, then “I agree”.
  14. “Commit Registration” to confirm everything.
  15. You will be sent a confirmation email, along with FAQs on how to take an exam with Prometric.

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