Learning about Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are not new news in the world of online advertising and marketing and passive income. However, they are still often misunderstood, and for the uninitiated, it can feel like a complicated procedure to choose an affiliate network to become involved with. Firms that specialize in affiliate network marketing may also utilize other types of strategies; such has ClickBooth Technology, to offer clients at different levels different options for their budget and marketing goals. Learn more about what affiliate networks have to offer and decide whether aligning your business with an affiliate network might be the right next step for you.

What is an Affiliate Network

Basically, an affiliate network works to connect together customers, which in this case are owners or publishers of websites, with online merchants. The win-win in an affiliate network connection is that the website owners or publishers can earn revenue from directing their website traffic towards the affiliate network’s products and services. The affiliate network can then convert those website visitors into customers for the products and services they represent on behalf of those business owners. For each sale made as a result of a web visit directed from one of the web owners or publishers that is connected to that affiliate network, the web owner or publisher will then be able to receive revenue sharing from that sale. For just a little bit of work and effort, continuous revenue streams can be generated for all participants.

How Does an Affiliate Network Operate

There are different ways that an affiliate network might choose to operate. Some affiliate networks operate independently, marketing their network one by one to websites that they locate that seem to be a good fit for the products and services represented by their network. Other affiliate networks may hire an intermediary of their own to do the marketing for them and generate new affiliate partnerships with website owners or publishers. For website owners or publishers who want to join and participate in sending their website traffic towards the affiliate network, there is usually no cost to participate. But for businesses who want their products and services to be represented by the affiliate network so that they can increase their online presence and make more sales, there is usually a fee structure. The fee structure may be a flat monthly fee, based on the number of hits or clicks, in the form of a commission on sales or revenue sharing, or another type of structure.

How to Choose an Affiliate Network

If you are a website owner or publisher and you want to choose an affiliate network, you should look for one with a collection of products and services that your web visitors are likely to be interested in. If you are a business owner looking to develop an affiliate network relationship to drive traffic your way, you will want to find an affiliate network with clear reporting tools, a fair fee structure, and non-competing products and services that are complementary to what you offer.

Sarah Macy is a web designer who often works alongside affiliate networks to build websites that can generate passive income for their customers. She also has a part-time freelance writing business and is currently hard at work on her first book.

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