Learn Quick Simple Steps Move Skype Contacts to Outlook Account

Communication of one organization with the other organization or users is very important for the establishment of any successful business. In this digital world, there are various platforms available for this cross- interaction. Two such platforms are Outlook and Skype. Through Skype, a user can communicate to another user through voice or video calls. Apart from these two major facilities users can exchange images, text, audio, etc. via Skype. Whereas, on the other hand, Outlook is a desktop-based email client used for the exchange of Emails, messages, attachments, etc. Moreover, Outlook stores its data in PST file format. Therefore, sometimes the need to migrate Skype contacts to Outlook arises. This conversion ensures the continuity of the work. In the following write-up, we will focus on the need to migrate Skype contacts to Outlook and methods to do it.

Need to Transfer Skype Contacts to Outlook

Contacts play an important role to ascertain the continuity of the work. So, sometimes we need to import our contacts when using different platforms for the work and each platform supports different file formats. The need for the conversion would be clearer by this given scenario.

“Suppose a user is using Outlook and he wants to open his Skype contacts in Outlook. As the matter of fact, that Outlook stores its data in PST file format the user need move Skype contacts to Outlook PST arises.”

How to Import Skype Contacts to Outlook

There are two methods, which can be used to add Skype contacts to Outlook.

Method 1: Manual Way
To import Skype Contacts to Outlook user need to first export contacts to vCard. vCard is a file format used for the storage of business card information for an organization or an individual contact. Once the transfer of Skype contacts to vCard is done, then the user can import the contacts on Outlook. Follow these steps mentioned below:

  1. Firstly, open the contact in Skype you need to transfer for the migration
  2. Now, select the option of “Contacts”, then select “Advanced” option from the given options. After this click on “Backup Contacts to File”
  3. Once you have done that, your contact will look like this in vCard format
  4. Now, open Outlook and choose the option “Import a vCard File” from the above-given options
  5. Browse the contact you want to import to Outlook and click on “Open”
  6. Finally, you can see your Skype contact in Outlook.

Limitation: Users can go for this manual method but there are some limitations in this method.

  • Users have to import the contact one-by-one as by this process migration cannot be done in bulk
  • This method is lengthy
  • As the method is lengthy it is time-consuming


After understanding the need of contacts in business, we have discussed two methods and learned that how simply we can import Skype contacts to PST. The user can use any of the these given methods. Once the migration is done users can easily access all the Skype contacts in Outlook PST.

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