Latest Malwares and spywares infecting Macintosh

When speaking about malware, practically everyone begins to think about Windows OS. For many years Windows was really nasty regarding viruses – because they have been made (and still are) at a great pace: every day digital world encounters thousands of new viruses that crawl across the Web, hunting for their victims.

Personally I am a Mac user (and I always was one) primarily because of the absence of viruses and relative invulnerability of Mac OS to viruses in general. But nowadays the situation is changing – because the amount and efficiency of viruses for Macs is quickly chasing the amount of viruses for Windows. And when I say “viruses”, I mean serious ones – like Zeus for Windows and cunning spyware for Macs. Let’s take a look – what kinds of viruses are present in this sphere today and which of them are the most severe?

First of foremost: the ugliest, nastiest and the worst virus for Mac is spyware. And not an abstract spyware, but key loggers. The most severe are the latest ones (well, as usual, actually) – they sneak into the system, make holes and backdoors in the system and then let in some more tools for spying.

Let them spy – you tell me. I would do that actually, but during the last few months we’ve discovered what particularly these key loggers do: they track EVERY ley strike, every password you enter in you social media, email and other accounts, they track all the numbers of your credit cards and other details necessary for carding, and they perform many nasty things that usually end up badly – you wake up one morning and you find out that your money is stolen, and you email sends spam messages to your friends and relatives. Not a happy picture, isn’t it?

The same awful things happen to IPads. Until the last month these gadgets were known to be really secure, and Apple engineers have proclaimed long speeches that “the architecture of IOS is not vulnerable at all, there are no viruses that can affect it and there cannot be”. But what we see? Many people begin arguing about this topic, because some of them have downloaded some kind of application for IPad, and in 5 minutes it was already sending spam messages from their email accounts! Personally I have some questions to put to Apple’s engineers. It is not their fault actually – they cannot foresee the ways hackers use to receive access to our gadgets, but to WARN is their obligation! Why is that not done yet? Especially regarding the latest viruses like DNSChanger and others.

That’s why it is time to look for proper antivirus. I’ve tried a few ones, but I still cannot make up my decision and choose which one is the best among them. Being a programming specialist is not enough today, and I still cannot make up my mind. Anyway – I and my friends are going to make a little investigation and find out which virus is the best one to use. Keep track of our blog to know more.


Malware and spyware which are not usually associated with Macintosh computer represent serious threat for these marvelous devices. Therefore I tried to list most dangerous ones in this article in order to deliver more information on the subject to ordinary mac users. In case you want to learn more  click this link