Know About The Storage Capacity Of The Photo Stick Mobile

It is now easy to create a backup for your images, videos, music files and documents that you can see on any other device when you use a photo stick mobile. However, the number of photos and other documents that you can save in this device will largely depend on the model of the stick you use. You can use the basic Photo Stick 8 model. This comes with 8 GB storage that can store up to 3,500 photos. The 64 model, on the other hand, will have 64 GB storage and can store 30,000 photos and the Photo Stick 128 model will store 60,000 photos in its 128 GB storage space.

Size of the files

All that you need to use a Photo Stick is a USB port in your computer. There is one more thing that you should keep in mind when you use this special type of memory stick that comes with an in-built software. The amount of storage or the number of files stored will depend on the size of the files. Ideally, most basic models of Photo Stick will store a minimum of 3,500 pictures but will hold fewer number of videos. This is because the video files are larger in size and therefore will consume more storage space of the device. It is the same when you store a large number of larger documents or songs in it.

The different models available

There are different types of models of Photo Stick available on the market. Choose one according to your need and make your choice based on the size of the hard drive of your computer. A larger hard drive with a large number of documents saved in it will need a larger Photo Stick model such as the Photo Stick Plus model that comes with 1 TB storage space.