Know About Shopify or Bigcommerce

Shopify vs Big Commerce – we have these two amazing E-commerce platforms, and pitting them together in arena of value would be a match worth observing for anyone who wishes to setup an online store. We’re here to discuss the biggest advantages (and disadvantages) these platforms possess and have to offer you.

In a nutshell

For starters, Shopify stands for a fully-hosted online platform that allows you to have unobstructed, unlimited access while improving your online presence – essentially, it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

This platform offers a huge array of well designed templates, some of which are premium, others which are free, but in a nutshell, this E-commerce ‘editor station’ provides a great deal of benefits, depending on the chosen pricing plan.

On another hand, BigCommerce is a versatile E-commerce platform which offers flexible online tools in terms of store creation, expansion, and presence. Though it’s made by a slightly ‘smaller’ name, the services these guys offer are just as premium and reliable.


If you’re choosing between Shopify or Bigcommerce based on your technical knowledge of online E-commerce platforms, it’s important to note that both are fairly easy to use.

Speaking of BigCommerce, one of the biggest advantages this platform has to offer is precisely the fact that it’s a very versatile one. There’s a multitude of online tools at your disposal which will undoubtedly help you establish a massive online-store presence. Simple integration and straightforward apps mean that it is, in fact, very user friendly.

On another hand Shopify, is even easier to use. Versatility is important, but flexibility allows beginners and novices to partake as well. In this respect, Shopify wins.


Basically, this round goes to BigCommerce if you’re looking for a quick solution simply because you’ll be able to do more right out of the box. Shopify offers more flexibility and is generally better if you pay for the tools and apps, but BigCommerce is simply more convenient for people who want to use it for free/cheap.

As far as themes and templates go, however, Shopify comes on top, although BigCommerce offers several dozens of premium themes and (only) seven free ones. Tough this is a close call, Shopify’s a better all-around solution.


The topic of ‘Shopfy vs Big commerce’, is sadly a bit one sided. It’s true that the latter is great in many respects, but Shopify simply offers a better platform, more options, and more flexibility.