Keeping Up With Google: SEO Strategies You Must Adopt Today

seo-dos-and-dontsWith the Google Penguin and Panda updates, the face of Internet marketing has changed for the better to best improve the user experience. With the updates, methods that were once goldmines could now actually cause your blog or website to be penalized and prevent you from generating an income. To create the best marketing campaign and avoid penalization, it is important to learn about different SEO strategies.

What Old SEO Strategies Should You Avoid?

Various methods have been used in the past to influence search engines in order to rank well. Unfortunately, the methods often negatively affected the user experience, although they did not negatively affect the rank. However, now Google is all about quality, so it is important to be original and create a positive user experience.

To keep your blog or website from being penalized, here are 2 examples of old SEO strategies to avoid:

1. Link spam

Link spam (a.k.a. spamdexing) is a method used to deliberately influence search engines. In most cases, it is used to generate backlinks in the masses, although they are typically very low in quality. Any method that is used to spam links is considered to be black-hat and will result in penalization from Google.

2. Spun content

Any Internet marketer knows that having unique content is the key to ranking well in Google. The spun content method involves taking unique content and changing different words in order to pass with a certain percentage. However, the method is typically very low in quality because it produces content with terrible grammar that often cannot even be read.

While the method is still used by some Internet marketers today, it should be avoided since it is believed that Google now uses grammar checking to influence a page’s ranking.

What New SEO Strategies Should You Adopt?

If you want to be successful in today’s online market, you have to get rid of the old ways and adapt to the new. In order to rank well and generate a possible profit, here are 2 new SEO strategies that you should implement:

1. Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the fastest growing SEO method today because of its widespread success. By using social media, businesses can interact with customers to nurture relationships. By nurturing relationships, businesses can learn more about how to improve their products and services while also building brand loyalty. However, to be successful, you have to make sure to share relevant content of the highest quality and have a human voice.

2. Content marketing

Content marketing is the act of creating valuable content for your audience that does not focus entirely on pitching a sale. With a variety of different formats available, content can be used to provide relevant and engaging pieces for your audience’s enjoyment.

By keeping yourself updated on the latest trends, you will position yourself for better online marketing success. With the new SEO strategies, you will create quality content and customer service that you can truly be proud of.

Jennifer Watts is a retired marketing teacher who likes to write. Her informative articles appear mainly on business and marketing websites. If you are looking for a web hosting company, read the helpful reviews at

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