Is Your Pen Drive Not Working? Here is How

You Can Fix It!

Pen drives are commonly used
storage mediums for files and folders. Sometimes you may face issues with your
pen drive when you are trying to access your files. While you insert the pen
drive into your PC or laptop, your files may not appear though you are certain
that you have saved all your data in your pen drive. Or it may so happen that
you get a ‘pen drive not detected
error on your PC or laptop.

If any of this has happened to
you, then look no further! Because after you read this post, you will know how
you can retrieve all your data despite not being able to view it in your pen

Reasons Why You Cannot See Your Files and

There could be multiple reasons
for your pen drive not showing files and
. While some of them are easy-to-fix and can be resolved
immediately, there are some reasons that may lead to seeking professional help.

Physical Damage to the Pen Drive

This is a common issue with pen
drives and can happen to anyone. If the firmware of the pen drive is not
affected, then you will be able to access your pen drive data. There are
chances that you will also be able to copy files into your pen drive. But when you
try to view these files, they may disappear.

Physical damage could happen due
to internal or external means. Some common causes of external physical damage
include negligence, exposure to heat and dust or breakage. Sometimes this could
even lead to internal damage, making it very difficult to fix. Regardless of
the reason, data loss may be a possible outcome.

Accidental Deletion

Your files and folders could have
gotten accidentally deleted when you were operating on your pen drive. If this
has happened to you, first check your recycle bin to ensure your files aren’t
there. If there still isn’t any hope and you are worried that your data could
have been permanently deleted, stop working on your pen drive and take a
professional help. At this point, overwriting your existing data or formatting
your drive will erase any chance you have at data retrieval.

Virus/Malware Attacks on Your Pen Drive

Data loss or inaccessibility
could have happened due to a virus attack or malware. Some of the general
reasons behind virus attacks are

  • Inserting
    your pen drive into a virus infected system.
  • Not
    running virus scans on the drive and PC/laptop.
  • Downloading
    unverified files on to your drive.
  • Inserting
    your drive into multiple PCs/laptops.

If you think that this has
happened to you, then it is best that you unplug your pen drive immediately and
approach a professional data recovery service provider.

Hidden Files

Another reason why you cannot
find your files and folders within your USB is that they are hidden. This is the
easiest to fix because all you will need to do is un-hide the files so you can
see them. However, in order to do this, you will need to know the exact path of
the files. Follow the steps mentioned below, in order to view any hidden files
on your pen drive.

Methods to Prevent Data Loss from Pen Drives

In order to prevent data loss
from your pen drive, there are a few preventive methods that you can opt

  • Store
    your pen drive in a place that is safe. Exposing it to dust, sunlight and
    other harmful agents could cause damage and permanent data loss.
  • While
    disconnecting your pen drive from the PC or laptop, do it carefully.
    Unplug the USB after ensuring that it is safe to remove.
  • It
    is recommended to have a back-up of your files, especially the important
    ones. This way, even if your USB drive is damaged, you will have your
    files safe.
  • If
    are unable to access your files, avoid formatting or overwriting on your
    pen drive. This will lead to permanent data loss.
  • Try
    not to insert your pen drive into multiple PCs and laptops as this could
    damage your drive.
  • Run
    a virus scans on your drive every time you insert the pen drive
    into your PC or laptop. This will ensure that there are no virus or
    malware within your USB drive which harm your data.

Solutions to Fix Your Pen Drive Not Showing
and Access All Your Files

If you are wondering how to recover your data,
there are two main ways that you can try to fix your pen drive.

Methods to Try on Your Own

There are three main methods that
you can try on your own in order to recover your files and folders from your
pen drive. These are:

Hidden Files (Using Control Panel):
To do this, here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Connect your pen drive to
the PC or laptop.

Step 2: Open the start menu and
click on ‘Control Panel.’

Step 3: Within the control panel,
select ‘Appearance and Personalization.’

Step 4: Within ‘Appearance and
Personalization,’ you will find an option called ‘File Explorer’ under which
there are two sub-options. Choose ‘Show Hidden Files and Folders.’

Step 5: This will lead to a pop-up with numerous options. Here, remove uncheck
the ‘Hide protected operating system files’ option and click on ‘Show hidden
files, folders and drives.’ This should un-hide your files.

Hidden Files (Using cod Prompt):
To do this, you will need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Connect your pen drive to
the PC or laptop.

Step 2: Check for the drive
the letter attributed to your pen drive (For e.g. Folder F).

Step 3: Click on the Windows key
on your keyboard and the letter ‘R’ at once (Windows + R).

Step 4: A prompt will pop-up.
Type ‘attrib -h -r -s /s d f:\’
followed by star(*), period(.) and star (*). Then, press enter.

Step 5: Now, you should be able
to see the files on your drive.

An alternative option in case the
above solution does not work is to choose a data recovery software.
Stellar’s Data Recovery software is one of the most
advanced options that can recover nearly every type of data loss from any kind
of pen drive. The trial version of this software is free, and you can use it to
scan and preview your lost files and folders. To save the files in your system,
you can buy the software.

Any missing documents,
photographs, videos, or folders can be retrieved from your pen drive with this software.

Professional Data Recovery Services: If you cannot
make sense of the steps above or would rather not take the risk, then the best
the alternative would be to consult a professional data recovery expert to help you
with your pen drive recovery.
With a success rate of over 95% and a ‘no recovery, no charge’ policy, Stellar
Data Recovery is the best solution to quick, efficient and safe recovery of the

First, contact the Stellar Data
Recovery center closest to your location. Then, hand over your pen drive to the
professional for analysis. Once they perform the initial analysis, they will be
able to tell you what the issue is, the procedure required to get your data
back, as well as the time it will take and the cost you will have to

This is dependent upon the
condition of the pen drive, the extent of the damage and the storage capacity
etc. Once this step is completed, you are just a retrieval away from getting
all your critical files and folders back.

In Conclusion

All electronic storage devices
are susceptible to damage at one point in time. While preventing this can be
extremely difficult, there are steps you can take to minimize the extent of
damage you suffer. Following the precautionary measures above will help prevent
the extent and severity of data loss that you incur. Taking backups of data is
the most efficient way of retaining your information even if your USB is
inaccessible. But remember that if all else fails, hope isn’t lost because
Stellar is always for you!

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